Art from Trash: Classic Plastic

Old Plastic Is To The Old Master Painting: The Artist Jane Perkins Makes Art Out Of Trash And Shows What Treasures In The Trash Can Be Found.

Upcycling from old plastic could hardly be better: English artist Jane Perkins makes art out of garbage. It recreates famous photos and paintings in painstakingly with hundreds items. The result can be seen: each image can be seen from a distance, some works see the original confusingly similar to right off the bat.

Art From Garbage: The Pictures Of The Clickthrough

Crazy idea. Why is she doing this? “I want to give people a reason to smile”, says Perkins. “There’s no hidden message. I’m shocked of that mountain of old toys and other plastic waste in our Western throwaway available-though but I’m only about the effect that the material produced. I’m no eco Battler.”

The work begins to rummage through bags of discarded items: clothes, clothes pins, jewelry, toys. Their motives selects above all from the point of view, what images are famous enough to be recognized immediately: “The viewer can see the joke in it to get something familiar in a new way”, says Perkins.

And what inspires an artist to such an unusual project? “I loved always, how Picasso has tried so many different media. If he had an idea, no matter how crazy, then he has made that easy, found about a sculpture of bicycle saddles and bars.”

Their model Picasso Perkins has not dared yet, but other masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Vermeer and da Vinci also act as trash duplicates convincingly. Has a favorite photo Perkins? “Many! But the “sunflowers” by van Gogh liked especially well because the shape of the flowers is offered as well for a new interpretation with plastic dinosaurs. The three-dimensional shape reminds me also how dick van Gogh has applied the color directly from its tubes.”

Art forgery using plastic particles? This is the best alternative to the “green dot” that we’ve ever met.