Are You Doing App Hang How Much Time?

People are Spending More and More Time with Their Smartphone Apps

Wherever you look: many have your Smartphone always hand in hand and can’t go without their apps. A new study from the United States has now found out how much time people actually spend a day with their mobile phones and apps on it.

A new study from the United States now officially confirmed what many already on the mobile phone and app commercial habits of the population have suspected: no matter whether large, small, young, old, rich and poor, the Smartphone owners spend more and more their time with her cell phone and the apps that have installed them on. The market research company Nielsen, last year the mobile commercial behavior of 5,000 adult Americans has studied the end, comes to the following conclusion: the participants in the study who were over 18 years of age, spent 30 hours on average each month and 15 minutes using their mobile phones and apps – these are all twelve hours more than another three years earlier in the year 2010. The age group of 18-24 year olds every month 37 hours uses her cell phone and apps on it. It is also interesting: during the same period, number of apps each month have been used by the participants of the study, has increased only minimally. The participants took the already existing apps with time more and more often.

According to market research firm mobile users use their apps that most of the time for searches, their social networks and for pure entertainment like videos and computer games – are these areas for two-thirds of the total consumption of time responsible. For that, the phones were actually even made for what, namely, just used for communication app four minutes a month.

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