Apple Watch Series 2, Better But Still With Handles

The new Apple smartwatch is better generic lipitor and diabetes than its predecessor, which without an iPhone was little more than a simple watch. It has GPS included and it is submersible, but to this new improved model we continue to see pegas, and the main one is its price: between 439 and 1.269 euros.

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Apple not only just introduced thenew iPhone 7.The US company has taken advantage of the arrival of this new smartphone to introduce also itsnew smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 2.

This new watch by Apple does not differ much fromthe previous model, at least aesthetically, because its appearance and size are almost the same.The changes come in aspects that can not be seen with the naked eye, such asthe GPS that is now incorporatedor the fact that it is submersible up to 50 meters.

The first smartwatch of Appleseemed to us very expensive for the functionalities that had, since to take advantage of its potential is necessary to have it connected to an iPhone via bluetooth at all times.But, still, it was the best of our analysis.

What Does Different

But the Apple Watch Series 2 is better than its predecessor.It focuses on sport andhas 12 pre-installed sports activities, includingswimming, since it is submersible.

Its integrated GPS allows you to go running without having to carry an iPhone.That yes,this way it will not be possible to receive notifications.

The third interesting aspect of Series 2 is that youcan use the new AirPods wireless headphones, to listen to music while you play sports.And all this without having to carry an iPhone.

It Is Still Very Much Improved

We will not question the appearance of the clock, butwedomiss a SIM card, also called a virtual SIM, that allows you to connect to the Internet without having to carry a smartphone.

And if this device allowed to make voice calls independently through the wireless headset, itwould be a real advance.

Another big catch of the Apple Watch Series 2 is its price. The cheapest model costs 439 euros,  and the most expensive no less than 1,269 euros. For customers without money problemsis also Watch Hermès, on sale from 1,369 euros.

On the other hand, Apple has renovated its old model and has included the new processor, more powerful, that carry Series 2, but without GPS. So theycontinue to sell the Series 1 smartwatches, from 339 euros.