Apple Watch: First Impression

The Apple Watch is on everyone’s lips and I could get a copy at the Berlin designer store “The Corner” in Berlin. I was less important to have a watch for myself, but to buy it for a test and first impression. Therefore, it did not bother me to buy the small 38-millimeter version, since the 42-millimeter version was already sold out completely. A situation that has not changed so far. The big variant is still so popular that the store can only serve pre-orders so far.

Unpacked And First Impression

After I opened the long box, the clock was still not visible. It is in a can of plastic. Only the instructions including a longer bracelet, the power supply and the charging cable can be taken directly from the packaging. After a short inventory check I also opened the plastic box and there it lay then: the Apple Watch in noble black. Visually, it is quite valuable and also the bracelet feels pleasant. At the end of the day there was no sweat deposits or even an imprint of the bracelet.

Directly connected, one must first through the known settings. However, unlike smart phones and tablets, the clock does not need a WLAN connection, but the direct Blue tooth connection with the iPhone via the corresponding Smart watch app. There you are also guided through an installation and can transfer all available apps directly to the clock. Important to note is that the watch without iPhone 6 is absolutely useless. According to Apple, it is anyway as a supplement to the iPhone. And the interplay works surprisingly well, even if the battery performance of the iPhone must properly suffer. I hope that Apple can correct this with an update.

App Selection Mau

Everyone who has dealt with the Apple Watch, certainly has already seen the app overview with the tiny little symbols. This overview proves to be frigging. It is not unusual to find the wrong app. With the crown you can at least reinzoomen and then the right app select. The choice of Apple’s own apps is okay. There are many useful applications, just for the athlete. Apps from other manufacturers are currently still mau. There is little choice and the apps that were there did not work yet around to not at all. Here you can also notice the poor performance of the watch. I hope Apple will improve this through an update.

The Battery Time Of The Watch

Speaking of battery life: The biggest issue and anxiety with many interested was the battery life of the clock. Already in the run-up, there were horror reports for a duration of 17 hours and less. I can take the care directly: my watch has been without problems in one day from 7:30 am to 23:19 clock and was just before the sleep was still 40 percent. And I did not use them very little on the first day.

Suffering must be as mentioned only the iPhone. Its running time goes quite nicely into the cellar.Not even more a whole day has kept the battery. With the iPhone 6 Plus looks definitely different.Here, Apple simply needs to upgrade and update.

My First Impression

Visually, the watch really does not look bad. With the crown to control the apps, Apple presents a design that has always been accustomed to watches. The display is not bad, the colors are very strong and the letters well recognizable. The hands-free function is unfortunately too quiet and therefore not to be used.

In my first impression I feel the Smartwatch as quite everyday. However, she seemed somewhat unfinished. The selection of apps is currently not worth mentioning, many still do not work properly.