Apple Music Tails in on Spotify

Apple Music is well on its way towards solid success. Apple has published figures showing the number of paying customers.

For the first time since its launch, Apple has published figures showing how many paying customers there are for the company’s new streaming service Apple Music.

Apple’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Music have 6.5 million paying customers, write our site

In addition to the paying customers, used Apple Music also of 8.3 million users who listen to music via a three-month trial period, but it is the paying customers that are most important.

With 6.5 million paying users, whiz Apple Music into a second-place finish over streamingtjenester for music, only surpassed by Spotify with over 20 million paying customers.

Spotify, however, does not inform, how many of those customers who have been in a package deal with the subscription with a mobile subscription, which is not necessarily customers that remain when the subscription expires.

Apple’s customers are for the majority paying customers, who themselves have chosen to pay for Apple Music, since only one company in Australia offering a bundle deal, where Apple Music is part of another subscription.