Apple Iphone 7 Plus

Conclusion Of The 04.11.2016

IPhone 7 plus offers in all matters more than the smaller brother: brighter display, longer battery runtimes and double camera. Just the extremely fleet processor brings extra points again neatly. There are deductions, however, for the long loading times.

Apple’s New XXL Mobile

Apple offers the iPhone 7 plus in three storage capacities: 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. Thus the manufacturer is finally passed from the small 16 GB version which was not up to date because of the missing microSD slot. Our test device is the Middle model with 128 GB and costs proud 1,009 euro. Visually, there are like the little brother, the iPhone 7, nothing to expose: the housing is made of metal and glass, the transitions look clean, immigrated to the edge of the antenna lines on the back. As also the previous iPhone 6s plus, coming this iPhone 7 in the XXL version with a 5.5-inch display.

The iPhone 7 plus comes with Apple’s A10 processor, the whole 3 GB RAM to the side stand. We have already over the speed and responsiveness of the iPhone 7 surprised, we must throw again points the XXL version: the system is extremely fast and outperforms all previously tested devices in our leaderboard. The 5.5-inch display reaches considerable values in the test lab and is square with 570 cd / m brighter than even a tick iPhone 7.There are deductions, however, in the B Note: the black of the plus model is not quite as dark as expected and therefore also leads to poorer contrast values.

The Large Special Offer

Apple likes driving the austerity course in terms of battery. So came at the iPhone 7 only a 1,960 mAh powerful battery to use. By comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with 3,000 mAh around the corner. But the numbers alone are not enough, to estimate the runtime. So goes the Galaxy S7 After only 8:43 hours of juice from, while the iPhone 7 runs well 9:01 hours. The big iPhone 7 comes along now with 2,900 mAh and runs well 9:33 hours. The problem: The slightly larger battery to recharge the Apple Phone needed good 3.5 hours. Quick batch is in the Apple devices not on board.

The iPhone 7 plus now comes with the latest version of the software: iOS 10.0.2.According to Apple minor bugs were repaired there, great new features compared to iOS 10 there is not.

Double Camera For Better Results?

Apple integrates its new dual camera exclusively in iPhone 7 plus. While a lens serves as a wide angle lens (28 mm), the second is similar to a telephoto lens with double focal length (57 mm). Thus, objects – can be similar to get closer as an optical zoom. Between the two lenses, you can easily switch within the camera app via finger tip. You can also zoom in still digital – infinitely variable up to a tenfold magnification. This increases but only the image area.

Overall, this makes iPhone 7 plus in practice visible more photos than traditional smartphones. Both lenses feature an optical image stabilizer. Resolves the main camera with 12 mega pixels, the images look crisp just during daylight hours. Total wide angle camera similar to the recordings of the iPhone 6S plus, the telephoto lens produces images in State-of-the – same quality but with a narrower frame.

Apple’s Rarities

The iPhone 7 plus is already officially available, but always still not on the Apple devices to come easy. Just after the Delivery problems to the market launch, devices currently not widely available.Apple requires approximately 899 euro are for the 32-GByte version, for the 128 GB memory 1,009 euro due and payable for 256 GB 1.199 euro. All three versions are available in the colours black diamond, black, gold, silver and Rosè gold.

No Phone Without Appropriate Tariff

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