Appears a 5 Nexus in a Bar, New Images and Videos

With Nexus 5 few surprises we will have more than the get to know prices and availability dates, since at this rate, we’re going to find practically everything. In the latest leaks we see it again in pictures, and even a couple of videos.

There is no doubt that Google has chosen again to LG, and the thing points quite well if you take borrowed much of the flagship of the Korean House, LG G2. With that inherit the display Full HD 5.2-inch, and the Qualcomm Snadpragon 800, I believe that more than one would be pleased.

I have not so clear is if these specifications are consistent with an affordable phone or Google would have to do too much subsidy to equate it to what we offer with Nexus 4. Speaking of the current Nexus, stocks have been exhausted in United States and is not expected to come more to stores, what makes us think that the new model is close to be presented.

Design and position of buttons are different to that on LG G2, here there is no keypad on the back and sides rounded lines make us think that we have a Nexus in the hand. Again call attention the oversized camera area, and the Nexus logo in the style of the last tablet from Google.

History riding around the filtration is a Google worker left the phone charging in a bar – one will sound you to the situation – and employees began to play with it – so do not know the unlock pattern-, taking photos and a couple of videos: