Antique Pocket Watch Repair

Before undertaking the repair of the Pocket Watch old is recommended have very clear all that work can be carried out on the, above all if it should give a prior budget.

Work to be done

  • Cleaning and lubrication of the entire mechanism.
  • Placement of a new Royal Pier.
  • Polished steel parts that require it.
  • Cleaning and adjustment of different parts of the box.
  • More Crystal bezel and polished in the area of severe dent.
  • Manufacture of steering wheel axis.
  • Placement of the new shaft on the steering wheel.
  • Manufacture of the rochete ratchet spring.
  • Production of the Crown.
  • Manufacture of the seatpost of reassembly.
  • Manufacture of caps the descent.
  • Manufacture of the minute hand.
  • Manufacture of the needle of the second hand.
  • Refurbished in the area without enamel.
  • Tuning of the mechanism.

This is the list of tasks that is planned to stop the clock in perfect working order.

Not less important is to determine the materials that you will need for antique pocket watch repair.

Materials to be used

  • Steel: Axis of steering wheel, spring Ratchet and seatpost
  • Sterling Silver: Crown and caps the descent.
  • Brass: Second hand and part of the minute hand.
  • Black adhesive amalgam: instead of the enamel.

And of course our workshop equipment will be decisive to bring to fruition all necessary tasks during the antique pocket watch repair.

Machines, tools and supplies needed

Lathe, Micromotor, anvil, heavy hammer, torch and pliers of forging, screwdrivers, pliers, tongs, hips, mandrels, vise, gauge, gauges and Potenza of punches, Lira or compass balance flywheels, exhaust axis of steering wheel, Extractor dishes, Cronocomparador, block of lead, steel wedges for desabollar, Burin, burnisher, Aceitadores, oils, Emery, abrasive wheels, drill bits, polishing cloth. A table, good lighting and a magnifying glass, preferably binocular.

Incidents during the process of repairing antique pocket watch

We like it or not and whether we like it or not, will always arise unexpected repair of this type of watches since tend to be more ancient than and passed through many hands, both users and repairmen.

During disassembly observe that several parts of the Bell system are reversed motif by which clock not rang the hours.

When putting in time snapped a drag of the star of the snail of the hours, this causes break a tooth on the wheel of minutes.

After all the work I discover a defect in the barrel that prevents the clock to work more than 20 minutes, after which stops working. This caused one of Burr, due to lack of lubrication, which pushed his shaft preventing him from rotate freely.

Here is review everything that was not expected to have to do but it was necessary to do.

Work performed

In addition to the outlined in paragraph “work to do”.

  • Return to its operating position part of the Bell System parts.
  • Implanted a tooth in the minute wheel that is made of brass.
  • Rectify the keg.

In the next post will describe the procedures used for the repair of the antique Pocket Watch, and here you can see the previous.