Android Wear Dreams of a Compatibility with the IPhone, But…

The product manager of Android Wear, the operating system for Google connected watches, has indicated that he would welcome a compatibility of its products with other mobile OS like Apple. Currently, a model like the bike 360 can run with a smartphone running on Android. But, with the upcoming release of the iWatch, it seems very unlikely that Apple agrees to open up to competing watches.

To boost the deployment of Android Wear, the version of “tech-to-wear” (for “wereable tech”) of Google’smobile operating system, its product manager plans to make it compatible with other OS, as that ofApple. “We always want as much users as possible can benefit from our experience, we are therefore very interested in this perspective to allow for more people to use Android Wear”, said Jeff Chang to the British of the Huffington Post version.

Currently, the first released models under Android Wear, as the bike 360 or LG G Watch, can indeed operate with a smartphone running on Android. But with an output of the Watch beginning 2015 it seems very unlikely that Apple agrees to open up to competing watches.

Most likely Windows Phone compatibility

The head of Android Wear does not also not illusion. “Everything depend entirely from us, you know.” There are technical constraints, constraints related to the API and we do our best (…) but is not 100 percent under our control, “says Jeff Chang.

A more likely scenario would be a compatibility with smartphones equipped of Windows Phone. Especially since the future shows connected Microsoft should be able to operate with the bones of its competitors Apple and Google.

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