Android Cloud: Comparison of Services

Our special Android cloud comes to an end. As you know, in recent days we have done a review with the leading cloud storage services What’s on Android. Very useful applications that allow us to have all our data in the network and can access them at any time from any device, be it a computer, a phone or a tablet.

Each has its own characteristics and capabilities: more space, less space, more synchronization capabilities… As they are few, we wanted to make Summary a table with main features of each and thus help you to choose the one that most suits you.

Caracteristica\servicio Dropbox SugarSync Box Wuala
Free space 2GB (open) 5GB (open) 5GB / 50GB 2GB
Space of payment 50 GB/1 TB 30GB / 300GB 25GB / 50GB 10 GB/1 TB
Price of payment (month) €8 / €605 €3.8 / €30 8€/16€ €19 / €649 (per year)
Ascent automatic photos No No
Official iPhone app
Share files
Caracteristica\servicio SkyDrive ASUS Webstorage Ubuntu One
Free space 25GB 2GB 5GB
Space of payment No No 20GB
Price of payment (month) No No 4€
Cross-platform? No
Ascent automatic photos No No
Official iPhone app No
Share files No

Out of the table is SanDisk Memory Zone that is not a service in the cloud itself, but a manager of these, including Box, DropBox and SugarSync. If you take missing some feature that we have not mentioned in the table, leave us a comment and we will review it.