Android Apps Overview Part 7

ALastFM Player, QypeRadar Cellfinder
At regular intervals, I would like to present a selection of applications from the Android Market, so once again: The Android Market is already installed on the G1 of T-Mobile from home (as well as the future HTC Magic of Vodafone ). Simply click on the icon and the programs can be accessed via “Applications”, “Games” (Games) or directly via the search (“Search”). Then select the desired software, click “Install” and voilá, the download will start automatically. Now start the program (drag the action bar at the top of the screen, click on the download) and have fun. The program is definitely in the main menu, if you press the icon longer, so it can also be dragged to the desktop.

Now follow the seventh part of the series… aLastFM Player should actually already be known. is a personalized Internet radio station that recognizes your own music preferences and also makes music recommendations. You can also specify a desired song or a desired plays the songs with the same musical direction. With the aLastFM Player, there is now also on the Android platform.

Starting aLastFM Player
After downloading from the Android Market, a spartan user interface will appear. After logging in with the user data you can start the “radio” using the “Tune-Button”. The user can select his or her music by “Artist”, Tag or “My Recommendations”, “My Radio Station”, “My Neighbor Radio” (Other users with the same music taste) or “Friends Radio” , And the desired music is already streamed onto the G1. The quality of the songs is OK, the output is via the headset or via the loudspeaker.

The aLastFM Player offers the basic functions of, the Play button, the Stop button, the Forward button, the “I like this song button” and the “I hate this song-Button”. More is not really there and that is actually synonymous well so-after all, the player makes exactly what does. Just play great music.

Sometimes it hangs something with the aLastFM Player, but basically there is nothing to complain about, the app runs perfectly. Nice if you have your favorite music always with you.Currently, there’s no better app for in the Android Market. 3 of 5 stars in the Android Market.

Location Based Services (LBS) are, together with a smartphone and GPS, just a dream. The location is known and then it is displayed what is nearby. Whether restaurant, gas station or pharmacy-immediately you have a good overview of what the area offers. And not only that, but also the personal evaluations of users are displayed, so that you know immediately whether the restaurant, the bar or the swimming pool at all. With QypeRadar, there is a nice application for Android devices.

Qype Radar Run
After successful installation is a very simple user interface is the starting point for the LBS search. Three tabs with “Places”, “Search” and “Bookmarks” actually describe the essential functions of the app. And currently there are over 700,000 personal experiences in over 15,000 cities worldwide. And the database is growing steadily-also through its own initiative.

“Places” displays everything that is nearby, nicely divided into categories. Restaurants, pubs, nightlife, cafes & coffee shops, shopping, art & entertainment and travel&hotels. Also the user can search from a variety of further categories, here is found what is searched. For example, click on “Restaurants” to see all restaurants in the area, with ratings, photos and also category. Thanks to GPS, the distance to the location is also displayed. If you look at the selected restaurant, the location and street, the reviews and the telephone number are displayed, here you can also choose directly from Qype radar. Click on the address and Google Maps opens with all the routing options. Never was the agony of choice easier. With “Search” you can find your own terms and find places can be stored under Bookmarks.

Qype ​​Radar convinces in many areas-it is simply brilliant genius. And since the database and the number of users is growing constantly, the up-to-date is also guaranteed. Free of charge in Android Market, 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Cellfinder shows the base station of the mobile network in which the G1 is embedded-certainly it is not interesting for all users, but there are certainly enough people who want to know how high the signal strength is in db or what Cell-CID is the base station Has.

Starting Cellfinder
After successful installation on the G1, the data of the base station will be displayed in the upper third of the display, as well as the location as well as the own location, which is known thanks to GPS. In the lower two-thirds, the information is also displayed on Google Maps; finally, a visual representation of the base station and its own location is much more comfortable than the pure numbers columns.

Viewing the data from the mobile base station and your own position is actually all that the app can do-and it does not really need any more.

For all interested parties or for all net searchers, the application is surely gold worth-never was it easier to read the data of a base station. Cellfinder is available free in the Android Market and gets there 4.5 out of 5 stars.