Android Apps Overview Part 4

Wikitude, Brain Genius, Shazam
At regular intervals, I would like to present a selection of applications from the Android Market, so once again: The Android Market is already installed on the G1 from T-Mobile .Simply click on the icon and the programs can be accessed via “Applications”, “Games” (Games) or directly via the search (“Search”). Then select the desired software, click “Install” and voilá, the download will start automatically. Now start the program (drag the action bar at the top of the screen, click on the download) and have fun. The program is definitely in the main menu, if you press the icon longer, so it can also be dragged to the desktop. The following is the fourth part of the series…

Wikitude AR Travelguide
Wikitude AR Travelguide is a travel guide for the Android platform based on site-related Wikipedia articles, quype information and panoramic photos. There are currently over 350,000 articles available that can be accessed by Wikitude. AR stands for augmented reality, which is understood as the computer-assisted expansion of the perception of reality.Augmented Reality is a technology that could be used in many different forms around the world, whether it be a travel guide or a working life. Technicians can let the next step of the repair show, Chirugen can display X-ray images of the patient or soldiers targets and locations. This is only a small part of the possibilities of augmented reality.

Start Wikitude AR Travelguide
After downloading from the Android Market, the user can search for points of interest near the GPS localization or at a specific address. Optionally, the results can be displayed on the map, as a list, or in the viewfinder.

Of the features you do not actually need much writing. There are the Qype, Wikipedia and Panoramio photos displayed, with a finger movement a short info is shown, with a further movement you can have detailed information, such as the relevant Wikipedia page. Wikitude is very handy to get an overview of the surroundings and also to say from the driving car just what bridge or which building is just high in the sky.

Exceptionally, I find quite a little. Wikitude is a practical application for Augmented Reality and shows again what is possible with the Android platform, a smartphone and developers who do not want to be restricted. In the Android Market, Wikitude AR Travelguide is available free of charge and receives 4 out of 5 stars.

Brain Genius
On the Nintento DS and DS the game “Dr. Kawashimas brain jogging ” one sales success after another and also on mobile phones is a Java variant of the game available. In the Android Market is also a free version available for free, Brain Genius.

Starting Brain Genius
After the successful installation, you only have to fill out short profile information, because up to two other competitors can mentally duel on Brain Genius. There is the choice to complete the daily exercise or to train individual exercises. There are a lot of games and other possibilities to train the brain.

Brain Genius is just fun-as in the original, you can easily train your brain and watch your progress with nice games. The possibilities are varied, the exercises are not overly frustrating and one is also not overstrained. And there are a variety of exercises and levels that are unlocked bit by bit as the game is more fun when you are rewarded. Only the touchscreen is sometimes an obstacle, if one is aimed at a button and the wrong button is pressed.

Brain Genius is fun-I can not repeat that often enough. The implementation is correct and since the smartphone is always there, you can sometimes intervene by a lap brain jogging.Free on the Android Market, there’s 4 of 5 stars.

Anyone who has ever heard a song whose name has not occurred to the best will-I do not need to explain the meaning and purpose of Shazam. For all the others: Shazam reliably recognizes the artist and name of the song.

Shazam start
After the successful download from the Android Market you can start immediately with “Tag Now”, the microphone of the mobile phone to the music source hold and after a short time you have already a result.

Shazam records the song you are looking for and uses an acoustic fingerprint to search the song data. These data are then displayed to the user. The detection is very reliable and possible even under difficult conditions, eg in a driving car on the highway.

Shazam is an ingenious way to recognize songs and thus put an end to the long counsels.Shazam is free in the Android Market and receives 4.5 out of 5 stars.