Android Apps Overview Part 3

Quickpedia, NightClock and White Noise
At regular intervals, I would like to present a selection of applications from the Android Market, so once again: The Android Market is already installed on the G1 of T-Mobile .Simply click on the icon and the programs can be accessed via “Applications”, “Games” (Games) or directly via the search (“Search”). Then select the desired software, click “Install” and voilá, the download will start automatically. Now start the program (drag the action bar at the top of the screen, click on the download) and have fun. The program is definitely in the main menu, if you press the icon longer, so it can also be dragged to the desktop. Now the third part of the series…

With a smartphone you are constantly connected to the Internet-an Internet flat rateassumes. Why should not you use this online connection? In addition to Google, Wikipedia is a treasure that is only waiting to be visited. Quickpedia links online connectivity and Wikipedia.

Launch Quickpedia
After downloading from the App Store and the installation, there is a very simple interface, a search box and five tabs. “Search”, “Featured”, “Popular”, “News” and “Nearby”. Simply quick and convenient a complete access to the English-language Wikipedia.

The advantage of Quickpedia against the call of the normal website of is that with an app, rapid access to Wikipedia is possible, without hassling through the website on the smartphone display. Using the search, articles and terms can be searched in Wikipedia, the article of the day (“Featured”) is immediately accessible with a fist, as well as the articles, which are popular with the Wikipedia community (“Popular”), the news of Wikipedia is also fast to the hand and with the “Nearby”-Tab Wikipedia articles are displayed, which are around the current location to find-so optimal if one is times in the foreign country. Very pleasant, the Quickpedia edited the articles in such a way that these are nicely formatted in Google G1, whether the display is held in portrait or landscape format.

Wikipedia at a glance and directly in an app-everything you really need. It’s only a pity that currently only the English-language Wikipedia is accessed-which of course limits the user circle here in Germany. In the Android Market, rated 4.5 stars.

Night Clock
The bed is usually an alarm clock with a good readable time. The clock on the Google G1 is not so good in the tired condition at night and therefore a nice person has designed the App Night Clock.

Starting Night Clock
Night Clock displays the time in giant digits in a 24-hour or 12-hour format. The whole in front of a black display with dark blue figures, so that one can look at night without direct glare on the G1.

Night Clock is a clock and an alarm clock-that was it actually. The color of the watch can be changed as desired, as can the brightness. In the morning you are woken with your own sound or a song, NightClock has free access to the music files of the Google G1.

More you really do not need-a nice clock, an alarm clock the one as desired with a favorite song or song wakes. Night Clock is available in the Android Market and it is rated 4 out of 5 stars.

White noise
White noise, or white noise, is a physical noise with a constant amplitude in the power density spectrum. So it is definitely explained by a natural scientist, or by Wikiepdia . White noise is a constant noise, which overlaps background noise and creates a quieter work environment or a quieter sleeping environment. In addition to the White Noise, there are a number of other sounds that have a similar effect, here are called Brown or Pink Noise.

White Noise start
The White Noise interface is very clear: a button to turn on and off, three sliders to control the volume of White Noise, Brown Noise and Jungle Noise (Silence in the Woods,-]) and then a slider , To shut down the app after a certain time-infinitely adjustable between 12 minutes and almost 10 hours.

Well, how good is the application? I’ve been working with White Noise for some time now, especially when there are a lot of background noises, I’m sitting in my own sound and blinding out the rest. Even at night, I can sleep better with White Noise, especially when I stay in hotels. Here, the “White Noise” covers strange sounds, which one does not know and so then would sleep more restlessly. The output via the loudspeaker or over the headset is sufficiently good, one hears still all necessary frequencies for the “White Noise”. If you can not imagine anything under White Noise, here is the possibility for a second to hear White Noise.Download ( .wav format )

White Noise holds that what it promises. It is a nice little white noise generator for the Android smartphone. And it does not really need any more. Available in the Android Market, 3 out of 5 stars.