Android Apps Overview: Part 2

Skype, klicktel and phonalyzr
Another reminder: The Android market is already installed on the G1 of T-Mobile from home.Simply click on the icon and the programs can be accessed via “Applications”, “Games” (Games) or directly via the search (“Search”). Then select the desired software, click “Install” and voilá, the download will start automatically. Now start the program (drag the action bar at the top of the screen, click on the download) and have fun. The program is definitely in the main menu, if you press the icon longer, so it can also be dragged to the desktop. Following the second part of my overview, the first one can be found here .
Well, Skype is not Skype. With the original on the PC you can make calls and chat, with the Skype Mobile versions, which are currently on mobile phones and smartphones, is currently only chatting. So also with Google G1.

Starting Skype
After successful installation, the Skype user only has to enter his user data and password, and all Skype contacts are already loaded. On request, the mobile phone number can also be specified, then one can be called via Skype and Skype then mediates on the cost of the called the conversation from Skype to the Google G1 via the regular mobile network.

The chat function, however-as with all Skype Mobile versions easily use, here, of course, the hardware keyboard is very helpful. In the Settings menu, you can change the status, add contacts, change the profile, or set deeper settings such as notifications or autologin. All in all the Skype app is an absolute highlight, it is only missing the possibility, with Skype to telephone and thus save money. About HSDPA, the Skype telephony is no longer a great problem, if you do not expect optimal voice quality and if Skype would still allow the telephony-together with the Flatrates of Skype, then interesting possibilities arise.

Just super, in particular, it pays itself with the Skype app that the Google G1 applications running in the background, so you are always “on” and connected. Unfortunately there are only 2.5 stars in the Android Market, I would have given alone 4 stars.

According to ejinhua, klicktel is specialized in digital phone books, industry books and route planning. With its software klicktel (also among other things for the Blackberry) the company offers its services free of charge.

klicktel start
After starting klicktel the GPS receiver is turned on in order to achieve the most accurate positioning simultaneously. From the telephone book search, the branch search, the back search, traffic information, automatic search, apothecary search, fast food search all the way to the coffee bear search klicktel nearly the whole information requirement of the humans covered – the rest can certainly be found on Google or simply by asking people on the street.

But with klicktel, it is simply more fun-especially because of the GPS integration or a free entry of the whereabouts the results are pretty accurate and detailed. If you are looking for a money machine, for example, you will see it – unfortunately there is no feature of route planning from the current location to the desired location, but here you can simply go to Google Maps using the “Show on Map” button and there the route-by car or pedestrian mode. Unfortunately the start screen looks strongly after the iPhone-here would have a G1 design of the app better to face. Under “Traffic” one can show current traffic restrictions, under emergency you can have pharmacies, clinics, emergency pharmacies and hospitals within the radius of the desired place, the information on the emergency pharmacy is even in my region current and correct.

klicktel bundles with its app a multitude of interesting applications and features, which are certainly all very useful, but when looking closely, then the subtleties miss, such as the route planning. Google Maps will soon reach such a level of detail that clicks with new features must stay in order to remain interesting, but competition is animate the business. But also the other users like klicktel, there are 4.5 stars in the Android Market.

Just if you do not have a flat rate, but a minute package, then you would like to know how long you have telephoned, how many calls come and how many go out, who has a most call and so on and immediately. In the past telephones you can usually see in and out minutes and hours, more but mostly then but not.

Phonalyzr start
phonalyr evaluates the call logs of the androids and recreates the data under different topics.Who called me the most, after minutes and number of calls, how many calls I missed, how many minutes I phoned when, how often did I make a phone call and so on and immediately. In short, a complete preparation of the telephone behavior.

phonalyzr takes the Call Log and presents it graphically in diagrams and charts-so that you can look more closely at his telephone habits and if necessary, then you notice that one with the ex girlfriend more frequently than one really wants to true , Unfortunately, there is such an evaluation not yet for e-mails or SMS or MMS, here would personally personally one or the other feature but already interesting.

With phonalyzr one sees its Telefonie nevertheless with somewhat different eyes-schön is here is to be seen as open Android is and what possibilities arise when programmers can have free access to many interfaces of the OS. Here is clearly the strength of Android-and the idea of ​​the developer is very simple. Here you find 4 out of 5 points for phonalyzr on the Android Market.