Android Apps Overview Part 11

Meebo, Scroble and Truphone
At regular intervals, I would like to present a selection of applications from the Android Market, so again: The Android Market is already installed on the G1 of T-Mobile from home (as well as the future HTC Magic of Vodafone ). Simply click on the icon and the programs can be accessed via “Applications”, “Games” (Games) or directly via the search (“Search”).Then select the desired software, click “Install” and voilá, the download will start automatically. Now start the program (drag the action bar at the top of the screen, click on the download) and have fun. The program is definitely in the main menu, if you press the icon longer, so it can also be dragged to the desktop. Now the 11th part of the series…

Scrobble Droid is a personal Internet radio, which knows the preferences of the users and on the basis of these data gives further music recommendations. But how does know what the user likes to hear? By “scrobbling”. Scrobbling means that knows which music is played-and this data is then transferred to

Starting Scroble Droid
After successful installation, the user data must be entered. This is actually already, all music is now “gescrobbled” and the data are sent to

Features, there is actually no, except that the software is a data supplier for To use completely, the user still needs the player. Both are available free in the Android Market, Scroble Droid gets 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Together with a data rate and a smartphone, no one needs to send more SMS – when it comes to e-mails and instant messaging. But this requires two things: 1. The friends and acquaintances also use e-mail and instant messaging and 2. The mobile phone provider has nothing against instant messaging. In the US, the Android G1 is offered with this service, especially with ICQ, MSN and other popular instant messagers. In Germany, T-Mobile as well as other vendors fear that instant messaging displaces the Goldesel SMS. And this fear is also visible in the G1, there is there as the only instant messaging program Google Talk, from the mentioned search engine operator. No ICQ, no Skype, no MSN! This gap fill two good programs from the Android Market gladly.

Meebo is well known. Otherwise here again a short summary. Meebo is a messenger that unites AIM, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, Jabber and Yahoo under one roof – simply by using the browser – without installation. Now there is Meebo also for the Android G1 as an app.Obviously this service is also tried.

Meebo start
At Meebo the login is done either with the Meeboo account or with the individual accounts of ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo or another instant messenger of your choice. Then the people who are online are displayed and can start.

Meebo on the G1 is just as awesome as in the browser, all IM under one roof, the app runs nicely in the background and signals by means of sound, LED or vibration when a new message arrives. Through the hardware keyboard of the G1 is of course chatting easy as never, it makes really fun on the road also to have contact with his family and friends.However, there is also a drawback. The current Meebo app can not yet save the login data, which must be entered again at every startup. Probably the one has a Meebo account, there is only the registration at Meebo and all other IM data are already deposited there.

Meebo is currently the Non Plus Ultra in terms of IM on the G1, only the re-registration and re-entering the data at every Meebo start nerves. Meebo is available free in the Android Market, 2.5 out of 5 points.

Truphone is a mobile VoIP provider offering VoIP software for various mobile phone systems. Currently, there is an app for Symbian devices, the iPhone and for Android. In addition to VoIP, the app also supports instant messaging with Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Skype and Yahoo.

Truphone Truphone would like to have a registration. According to this, the world of Truphone is open: VoIP and IM. While VoIP was not relevant to me (there is a dial-up using the mobile phone network on a local dial-in number, from there is then called the desired number to Truphone conditions), I was more interested in the IM part. And unfortunately it did not work-definitely not in the test period.

More features than VoIP and IM does not exist-I hope however on it – that Truphone updates the current inadequate software fastest possible.

Truphone is currently nothing more than ballast on my G, so it is uninstalled again. I had promised myself more. Free in the Android Market, only 2 out of 5 stars.