Ancestors in the Wedding Car

It is to be the most beautiful day in the life of a couple, everything is perfectly organized over months, so that the wedding is really wonderful.Also as such a wedding is a wedding car.

The selection is great and for every taste something, whether for romantic getaways, the adventurer or traditional. For a wedding, any kind of car can be rented. Limousine with chauffeur, but also classic cars, convertible or sports cars are particularly popular. What is like. And if it should be the tractor? Why not? If the wedding in the country takes place, many for a tractor look opt with trailer.

Which car is ultimately chosen, often depends on the style of the wedding celebration. And couples should bear in mind that the bride might can get problems with the wedding dress, if the car is too small. Just wedding dresses with crinoline or a long train the women generate difficulties for the getting in and out. Recommended is a test drive, as well as an early booking of the wedding car. The cars are often on weeks booked in advance, which is the case especially in the summer months.

Is the decision for a wedding car, this reverses after the ceremony to the place of the ceremony. Afterwards, the guests will travel in a honking convoy of wedding. This is tradition and with the noisy honking of the bridal procession is announced already from a distance. Not missing the little white loops for the guests are allowed. You are bound to the car antenna, so the column apart visually from the other road users.

The wedding car itself is lavishly decorated. Usually this the florist attached beautiful Blum tight binding to the car takes over. Variations of flowers that adorn the hood in the form of the heart are very popular. Of course, it is the bride and groom left wedding car to attach the balloons or placards. Flower jewelry should not be missed. Flowers are the most important elements of the wedding decorations. A sea of flowers which provides a romantic atmosphere.