An Ode To Lactation And The Most Beautiful Looks Right There

The Berlin label mara mea packs pregnant women’s clothing, nursing clothes and every-day pieces into a model and makes mums happy all around.

For me, it was always clear that I would breastfeed. I would never put my own needs over that of my child. In addition, breastfeeding is extremely practical, relaxing and, of course, the most binding thing that can happen between mom and child. Even without breastfeeding, the breasts no longer look like they were before after a pregnancy, so that the optical counter-argument does not apply anyway.

It frightens me that there are always discussions about the topic in the media. That there can be opponents at all and people who can not deal with it. Still, breastfeeding is the most natural and original thing in the world. It is simply inhuman to give mothers a bad feeling.

I try to deal with it openly and confidently in public. This does not mean that I want to provoke and put me out of principle barbusig into the cafe. When my child is hungry, it gets to drink no matter where. I would not bother anyone with my sight and remain discreet. But what does sight and bother? If you normally breastfeed, it shows nothing at all, and the right clothes will do the trick anyway.

But we might be the problem. Because as a mode de signer and mother spoken, I can not at all understand that for pregnant and nursing mothers is so little beauty on the market, whether clothing as described in  or diaper bag. I have already refused in the last pregnancy to spend expensive money for ugly things. Did not know two years ago but also the liebreizende Berlin label mara mea. Dorina and Maren have their studio quite in my neighborhood and break even though they are still very young hoppers and far away from their own children, a lance for the gestation mode.

The good thing about it – they are all-round parts that can be worn during pregnancy, breastfeeding and even afterwards. Because even the DANACH is a big issue for women. Not only the whole life has changed, but also the body. Do I still feel comfortable in it? What do I really like now? What will I wear? Nobody has to reinvent itself completely. With a little patience and faith in yourself, everything will come back as you wish. Mara mea helps a little while keeping the good mood.

E in perfect mara mea part must meet the 3-in-1 principle. Before, during and after pregnancy wearable – maternity dress, nursing dress and then normal day-to-day dress in one … ”

Maren & Dorina – mara mea

* How did it come to mara mea and what makes the difference here? *
When you analyzed the market before the label found, what was your conclusion and what do you do with mara mea different or better?

Due to the lack of choice of modern designs, many mothers from our private environment used conventional handbags or rucksacks as a diaper bag. Coming from the Kids and Womenswear area, we asked ourselves – why not developing diapers and maternity wear with practical features in the design of a trendy accessory?

After extensive market analysis, we were then confirmed that there is little modern, fresh, multifunctional in the diaper and circumstance mode area. The idea of ​​developing multifunctional diaper bags, maternity wear and accessories with a high design standard for the modern woman and mother was therefore quickly born.

The idea developed into a product range that satisfies the needs of the mother in equal parts to those of the woman. The diaper bag can be worn as a shoulder bag, shopper bag and backpack. She is a shopping guide, business bag and diaper bag in one. Supplementary products such as breastfeeding and dresses can be worn during as well as after lactation and pregnancy.

How does mara mea evolve from collection to collection? You do not have to re-invent every season and pursue every trend, since you do not depend on a regular audience. There are always new moms …

In general, we have a very clear idea of ​​how changing bags and accessories for today’s woman and mother should look like: daily multifunctional companion with high design requirements for before, during and after the wrapping period!

According to this credo, we are developing every new collection. For us, the mother is not only a mother, but primarily a woman. A modern woman with demands for design, functionality and portability. For these needs we develop timeless yet trendy products. We design our own mara mea prints, detail-loving embroideries and long-lasting cuts which support women in every situation thanks to their changeability.

We are gradually expanding our range of products so that mum and baby are perfectly equipped

What have you learned from the customer feedback and research? Where are the needs of pregnant women and nursing mothers nowadays regarding their styling?

Comfortable and practical, but at the same time beautiful it should be. Instead of boring stiffness or childishly designed designs, it should be modern color combinations, which can be easily combined. Mothers pay particular attention to quality and design for themselves and the baby. There is a change in the willingness to buy as well as the design demands of young mothers. Products must be practical, durable and trendy at the same time. Mara mea meets the nerve of the times and develops for the new generation mother changing bags, maternity wear and accessories.

What must a perfect piece of clothing from your collection definitely bring along and fulfill?

It must meet the 3-in-1 principle. Be sustainable before, during and after pregnancy. The perfect mara mea part is so always maternity dress, followed by normal day-to-day dress in one.

After birth, every woman has to find her body feeling and balance again. What advice do you think about freshly baked mothers how to deal with fashion and figure?

With every pregnancy and birth, the female body provides a spectacular high performance. Many fresh-baked moms forget this sometimes. That’s why ladies, accepts this new, just “something” side of femininity and plays with it. Try new cuts, colors, details. For there really is nothing more feminine and more beautiful than motherhood.

Her with the color! Whether pregnant or not pregnant, nursing or even far away from childhood, this cosmetic bag by mara mea you can certainly use all. I give this great accessory together with the two girls with colorful embroidery.

Just answer the small question quickly and keep your fingers crossed!