Amber and Teething, a Necklace Can Alleviate the Ailments of Children?

Calm or relieve the symptoms of teething, such as fever, restlessness and the hassle is really hard! Amber necklace for kids has therapeutic properties that reside in its main ingredient, namely, succinic acid whose effects are proven by science. Here’s what you need to know about this miraculous necklace for teeth.

Teething is a process extremely difficult for children. During the check of teeth, they may experience a variety of different symptoms, that can create all sorts of problems:

  1. Fever
  2. Erythema
  3. Sleep disorders
  4. Restlessness
  5. Redness of the cheeks
  6. Widespread pain

Symptoms are really annoying and difficult to handle in small children.

Amber teething necklace

Amber teething necklace as described in helps soothe the pain related to teething and this practice is thousands of years old.

Amber is one of the natural remedies to 100% and a surefire way to reduce the pain of teething so that today is increasingly being recognized as scientific method from European families.

How does the amber teething necklace?

Amber has many therapeutic qualities and provides natural relief for pain. It releases therapeutic oils that are absorbed by the skin. It is these oils

  1. reduce pain.
  2. lessen the irritation of the cheeks.
  3. stimulate the thyroid glands to reduce salivation.

Baltic amberin particular is known for its ability to

  • boost your immune system
  • reduce inflammation
  • accelerate healing
  • reduce the sore throat, ear
  • infections of the stomach
  • respiratory diseases

Amber has been used as a natural analgesic and to fight inflammation, infections and respiratory diseases.

When you insert the baby amber teething necklace on the warm skin, trigger emissions of natural oils that are absorbed through the skin and enter the blood.

Amber oils contain a very special ingredient known as succinic acid. Scientific research proves that succinic acid can work wonders on human body.

For example, it stimulates the thyroid glands by salivation and reducing the redness of inflamed gums. This acid is

  1. calming
  2. analgesic
  3. antispasmodic
  4. expectorant
  5. febrifuge

The positive influence of succinic acid has been scientifically proven by the Nobel Laureate Robert Koch.

Amber is a fossil resin produced by plants from 40 to 50 million years. In nature it is used by the plant as a natural antibiotic against infections and viruses.

Such “fossilized resin” has restrained its healing properties that are released into the skin when the amber is heated.

Amber is also an electronegative element can produce negative ionization. The latter helps the body to fend off diseases.

The ancient Egyptians used the pine resin as an embalming agent and doctors during the war, in the absence of anything else, they used the resin taken from trees on a wound as a disinfectant.

Amber Necklace: how to use it?

Teething necklace, therefore, functions as an extremely effective natural analgesic that can avoid using chemical drugs.

  1. The necklace should be worn directly on the skin, around the child’s neck in order to absorb the healing oils.
  2. It should not be chewed or setting in mouth.
  3. It can be worn as soon as the baby starts teething or when there are signs of pain or discomfort.A few days later the child will not even notice the presence of the necklace.
  4. The necklace is removed during theinfant’s sleep. It is recommended to keep it only during waking hours and at times when the child is under parental supervision.

Where do you buy the amber teething necklace?

For more information about amber teething necklace, where to buy it online, we recommend the website our site.