Amazon and Combating Shoplifting in Distribution Centers

Recently we had news of the action taken by Amazon to inhibit internal thefts in your distribution center that generated a lot of controversy among retail professionals. After installing security cameras in your CDs, to reduce, the great American retailer realized that it could use its security system not only as lookouts, but also as whistle-blowers. Seeing that the internal thefts followed happening even with the presence of CCTV, retailers decided to use real images taken on the premises to show how this type of theft cannot be ignored. Many found the aggressive action, but the great lesson that Amazon brings us is security systems can be used as an important part of the strategy.

In the example of Amazon, we see that even with advanced systems technology, the theft can continue occurring, but as a difference: now are logged and can be used as a source for training and other actions for loss prevention.

Here are some strategies to protect their distribution centers with efficiency:

  1. Choose security cameras device that have 100% visual coverage and facilitates the monitoring of suspicious actions, as the Tub Camera. The thefts can occur in blind areas already identified by furtantes;
  2. Have a good relationship with their employees. As we always say: it is essential that good behaviors are as bad as posted;
  3. Use real images of thefts in their training. This is a way to show that you are aware of the activities of distribution centers;
  4. Invest in systems that monitor the receipt of goods, avoiding errors and vendor fraud, as the Gatecash Receipt;
  5. Pay particular attention to high-risk Products-PAR, keep them always in places constantly monitored;
  6. In addition to the installation of cameras, it is important to have routines and well defined monitoring procedures;
  7. Consider the investment in remote monitoring. The recorded images when stored off-site monitored are immune to attacks on the system, in addition to prevent sabotage by internal agents.


Taking the necessary actions, losses in distribution centers will decrease dramatically, avoiding losses often unknown. Invest in monitoring solutions can be the big key to having a safe and efficient distribution center.