Alternative Bait for Fishing

Something that has become a major part of my carp fishing in recent years is the use of alternative bait fishing as a tactic  of bright colored protein balls. After carp becoming increasingly pressed year after year to have consistent results necessary to have a slightly different approach from other fishermen. This was the main reason to start using bright bait.Before I used this bait only in deep winter, when in desperation are trying to provoke pecking of a small fish.

How I misused! Over the past few seasons found that the bright bait is not an alternative, and is used in many situations of daily fishing even surpasses all other  tactics for fishing  of carp, even the most difficult reservoirs.

Contrary to what is written in the literature, I find them successful even being presented on the bait and not the bottom. I think carp are extremely curious and this is why the bright bait is as deadly as their use this feature.

When we catch carp on contentedly amount of bait may take some time to some pressure reservoirs to report pecking, this can be a problem if the weather is not on your side. Many times I have witnessed situations when the carp are visible on nutritional spot, but take hours or days to get pecking or not, and must collect the luggage to return after a few days with the feeling that the carp he got away this time.

One reason not to peck can is that carp he is fed long enough to reach your bait and not the fault of the angler.

Using bright alternative bait on a bed of groundbait can be a solution to this problem. As I mentioned carp is extremely curious and will naturally be attracted to any discoloration on the stain with groundbait.We are not much different if we think – brilliant things attract strong attention while walking, consider how often ads rely on. Attracting the attention of carp bait on automatically distinguishes it from the other 99% of bait that is presented.

From here on things can develop in two directions – or carp will be curious of the stain with a different color and smell and will suck it explores, in which case your bait will be one of the first sucked from eating spot, no matter how thoroughly it is, or alternatively to avoid.

Carp, all beings learn by associations and assess situations compared to previous experiences. If it had not been picked off before or has been picked off a few times, then it should not bother of different color and smell of the bait and much more likely to suck and bingo – you get immediately pecking on a bed of ground bait.

Of course, the instinct is something with which to be reckoned with, carp can naturally be more cautious towards bright colors, although never before been caught in such protein balls. I think this is unlikely.Much of caution carp while eating is caused by previous nicks rather than natural instincts.

I think I’ve watched carp have never been caught on food spot, they do not show caution towards bright colors, even attracted to them.

Anyway, fishing is a game of experiments, it is necessary to define yourself on any dam which colors will have the result of each dam will vary according to trends fishing the same. Always keep in mind what bait using the other fishermen. Intensive use of a certain color can cause caution in carp. If so, try something other sharandzhii have not used before this reservoir and to which of carp are accustomed.

My favorite colors are yellow, orange and white of dams in which they were used. Dam where used bright colors Crossing purple and green or put on top of natural bait such artificial to which it is unlikely carp are suspicious.

Also note with what amount of protein pellets fished other anglers. If you use 16-18mm balls, put 12 mm or dumbbells, carp likely be less cautious with them is great. There really is due to experiment, not to follow the crowd is especially important in experimentation.

Another option to bring about rapid pecking is to reduce the amount of lure for fly fishing, thus the carp will have less time to find the bait hook you. In certain conditions it is most meaningful way to fish.

However, sometimes it is most effective to fish big food stains. There are many factors that determine it.For example, when large areas with stumps needed to power more often to keep the fish in a particular place.

Highly pressed reservoirs noticed the following phenomenon – the more pressed, the better carp assess risk.

I followed nearly catch a few big fish determined and the results are striking. One specific fish in recent years has always catching thoroughly fed food spot, no exceptions. Not every fisherman makes plenty of bait, what’s the case then?

Perhaps this carp just a pig and likes to eat a lot! But this logic it will be grasped and in other situations and more often than other fish. I think things are a little trickier, fish assessing the risk of being caught and takes only such sumptuous meal in scarce food assessed that the risk of being caught is not worth it.

Also it prefers to eat together with other fish, where the risk of being caught is divided among all. I have observed such behavior from far and is amazing to watch. Feeding it plenty spot in the deepest part of the reservoir and a group of very large fish were in the area. During the day I watched the fish taken at bait balls and withdraw. A few minutes later they came back for another bite. Gradually they rush and Rule 2-3 bites once, but were particularly cautious. Some of the fish after 3-4 bites did not return at all, though bait is reduced to such a level that it is not worth the risk to return.

From all this I made the conclusion that to catch large fish need plenty powered spot, but then we return to the question of whether the fish will reach the bait before groundbait be exhausted, this is the ideal situation to fish with a bright, easily visible bait in order to ensure that the bait will be one of the first absorbed by our food stain and reduce time to first pecking.

By modifying their way of catching chasing that certain fish, I managed to catch it three times in the last 18 months.

Perhaps the most significant was the second capture of the fish. I was supplied with about 5 kg baits in the morning and the fish bite no more than two hours, without any indication that the stain had gathered carp. Obviously my bait on top of that I put bright artificial bait was one of the first gobble of the stain.