All about Hair Removal

The Cup remains a sensitive issue. We wondered and sometimes, no one dares to ask some questions. Then learn all about hair removal Jersey, Cosmo led the investigation and tells you how to do it for a Cup to the wax or the razor successful. How long should we wait between 2 waxing? Is the full Cup a good idea? No taboo, Cosmo tells you everything!

What are the different forms of Cup?

Of course, there are enough wacky shapes but the main forms of Cup are:

  • The classic Jersey : a little low-cut, perfect to wear his underwear without that nothing beyond
  • The Brazilian Jersey : well cut, ideal if you’re going to wear a swimsuit
  • The full Jersey : as its name suggests, it is a complete hair removal! Farewell hair
  • The metro ticket : it’s a wax with a straight cut in the shape of a metro ticket!

Is full hair removal a good idea?

On one side there are those who are for, and on the other those who are against. Everything is a matter of taste and also discussion with your boyfriend to find out what that also prefer.

Full bikini wax in it, actually, is not so risky.

Simply need to disinfect her skin with a lotion without alcohol before AND after hair removal.

But the best advice we can give you is that if you choose the full Cup, it is best to practice at the Institute and subsequently, during at least some days, carry money cotton clothing to avoid generating friction and irritation to the lips.

How often should we remove the Jersey?

If you pluck you wax, in this case, it takes the regrowth is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Why so much? Because if the pubic hair are not long enough, you will not be able to pull them out because they will be too short to adhere to the wax.

Can shave between 2 waxing wax to the Jersey?

The waxing to be quiet level hair for some time.

But sometimes, a few hairs appearing after only a few days. Then of course, you can shave to eradicate them.

Shave also lets you do a “reset” level of his hair. Because all the hairs don’t grow evenly, make an equalizer by shaving the Jersey very occasionally can be a solution.

Expected that hairs repoussent and we go back to the waxing for optimum results!

Can be colored pubic hair?

If the idea you waxed the intimate area don’t you please not really, you can always opt for coloring.

Of course to some conditions because the skin is very sensitive in this area. Absolute prohibition of to color the hair located in the area of the lips.

For color you pubic hair, consider using a color formulated with ‘soft’ products, and don’t apply that on the top of the shirt.

In any case, before you take the plunge, think to seek advice from a dermatologist or a beautician who will enlighten you.

How do if small buttons appear after the Jersey be shaved?

Razor hair removal of the Jersey, is not ideal. But when one is too cozy, there is no really choice.

The problem is that remove the Jersey with a razor can cause small buttons.

So to avoid as they appear, it is important to not shave every day but wait a regrowth of the hairs to not irritate the skin.

Also remember to use a razor to avoid infections in this intimate area nine and regularly exfoliate the skin of the Jersey to avoid that small buttons appear.

Finally, always shave the pubic hair in the direction, in the shower so that the hairs are more flexible and always apply the foam shaving for a smoother passage of blades.

What to do if ingrown hairs appear?

Ingrown hair, it’s the wound! They appear especially when you shave the Jersey.

So before tweeze you, consider making a scrub and then take a hot shower to open pores of the skin to remove hair more easily.

If despite all of the ingrown hairs, then settled here, one solution: wash your hands, clean your pair of tweezers with an antibacterial lotion without alcohol, press the ‘button’, swimsuit and drill to bring out the hair according to

If it does not come out, help you to the clamp. Then clean the intimate area with a lotion in case of small bleeding.

If the hair don’t always spell, let fall and quickly see a dermatologist who will get rid of it!