Alcohol in Pregnancy

The adverse effects of alcohol during pregnancy is well known, especially to the fetus in the mother’s womb. Regular alcohol consumption can cause severe health problems for the child. Birth defects are only one of many examples. Therefore is strongly recommended to not drink alcohol during pregnancy at all!

Even no alcohol in pregnancy
Differently than in cigarettes is pointed out the alcohol packaging not yet on the possible health damage, which can cause the food. Nevertheless, the Ministry of health in particular warns the drastic health effects to the unborn child. As expectant mother should be pointing this preventive so really very serious. Look at it this way: you must only during pregnancy and, if you want quiet, abstain from alcohol during the Stillzeicht. After that, you may again alcohol drink. And if it frustrates you, to stand at a ceremony next to it: there are many types of non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic sparkling wine!

Alcohol in pregnancy: what really happened?
The fact that under normal circumstances to tolerate much alcohol, is no excuse to drink alcohol during pregnancy because the fetus is not absolutely resistant to alcohol as opposed to you! It is scientific and biological evidence that congenital deformities mainly due to frequent consumption of alcohol during pregnancy are due. So, you should while categorically reject throughout pregnancy every glass of alcohol, for example if friends an alcoholic aperitif is offered, or if a glass of wine is served with dinner. The poison effect on the baby is particularly dangerous especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. Alcohol leads to premature and underweight babies. Worse still, You risk a miscarriage with frequent alcohol consumption in pregnancy! Even if your child at birth has no visible disabilities, of absorbed alcohol can be a cause for a nervous or hyperactive behavior of the child in the future in your belly.

The placenta does not protect
Let’s not be fooled by false assumptions: the placenta is not a filter for the fetus and also no protection barrier against the effects of excessive life change. The alcohol permeates the delicate layer of the placenta without any problems. The ethanol content in the amniotic fluid is about the same as the value of the alcohol in your blood. This amount is much too high for your lightweight child, which is still in the development phase. Also, liver and kidney in your unborn baby are not yet fully trained. Her protégé has therefore no way to break down the alcohol. Do always those risks in mind and renounce alcohol in pregnancy!

The fetal alcohol Syndrome (FAS)
If you do not dramatically reduce your Alkohohlkonsum in the pregnancy, your child later suffering numerous serious complaints. With FAS born baby can exhibit significant growth disorders, heart and brain anomalies, malformations in the face or motor disturbances.
You should not take this serious disease risks lightly. The existing treatments can undo the damage and the time not to turn back.
If the child only to a smaller extent by these errors affected
is, the later episodes as fetal alcohol effects (FAE) are known. Here the problems until some years after the birth, if the child has already reached the school age: behavioral disorders, learning difficulties or concentration problems.

If you only just learned that you are pregnant
Your doctor tell immediately, that you drank alcohol during pregnancy and at that time still did not know that you are pregnant. If you a day more than half a litre of wine + a drink, more than 3/4 l have drunk wine or half a litre of beer, there is a serious risk to your unborn child. This can have disastrous effects. will advise you in this case to control your alcohol consumption or to cease or to seek psychological help.