Ai Qaeda Terrorists Printer and Toner Bombs Rebuild

That terrorists are very inventive in making bombs, it’s long been known. A current report with video from CNN shows how dangerous they really are. Sidney Alford is one of the most famous British explosives experts. He has now disclosed that the terrorists of Al-Qaeda to use evenlaser printer toner cartridges for their attacks. Two of these bombs were surfaced in October 2010 in Yemen at FedEx and UPS.

Hard-To-Detect Printer Bombs

For the uninitiated, the manipulated printers are not to recognize via The bomb-maker empty toner cartridges of the toner powder and fill them with the explosives PETN, also called PETN is known. It can used as a filling of detonators, as well as depending on the mixture as plastic explosives or grenades. Maximum compaction, he causes a detonation speed of 8,400 metres per second and is therefore considered to be very dangerous. It was used at the Al Qaeda bombs as a white powder, that fires a timer which is activated by the control panel of the printer.

Plane Crash On America’s East Coast Planned

According to CNN was the target of Al Qaeda, which go up printer bombs in-flight over the American East Coast to leave, and to bring the aircraft to crash. After remarks from Saudi Arabia’s intelligence succeeded Fortunately the investigators in Dubai and the United Kingdom, to find the printer converted to the bomb and eliminate.

The video passed from Sydney Alford on CNN shows how the toner cartridges have been built around. Also it shows what enormous explosive force develop the printer repurposed to the bomb.By CNN, some “critical” sequences have been removed prior to publication but, so that it cannot be used as a teaching video from other potential terrorists.