Agate Slices Become Gemstone Necklaces

Sari Rät Hel designs not only rings of Eggplant, but also precious stone chains made of agate slices. The forms of gemstone chains emphasize especially the structure of the agates and especially the color gradients in the semi-precious stones. All stone Atypically the single thin slices are added together and result in an almost archaic appearance.

Thus you remember gemstone chains the jewelry pieces by primitive peoples. But subtle playing with colors and textures of the stone is very modern, the gemstone chains could be found as well on the catwalks of the big fashion shows-they definitely have avant-garde!

In addition to semi-precious stones, the jewelry designer, completed her master’s degree at the Royal College of art in London from October 2014, colored leather used. The chains and other jewelry pieces are based on purely natural materials. However, Sari Rät Hel gather these materials in unusual combinations.

In my post about Sari Rät Hel, you will learn more about the designer and can look at all of her jewelry pieces. On Sari of Räthels Web page you can find out more about her other passions of photography and sculpture also.

Agate Slices Become Necklaces

Sari Räthel not only creates rings made of eggplant peel but also necklaces of gemstone slices. The forms of the necklaces emphasize the special structure of the used gemstones like agate, quarz or obsidian. Especially the color gradients of the gemstones are underlined by working with slices. The stone elementes seem to be untypically joined toghether to a necklace almost with an archaic expression.

The gemstone necklaces remind me therefore of the jewelry of ancient people. But the subtile play with colors and structures of the stones have something really modern and the necklaces could be worn at a international fashion show–really avant-garde!

Besides the gemstones the jewelry designer Sari Räthel who will attend the Royal College of Art in London from October 2014 on, also uses colored leather. The necklaces and all other jewelry are based only on natural materials. One could assume that natural materials look boring but Sari Räthel creates compositions that are really exciting and extraordinary.

Read more about the designer Sari Räthel in my post or have a look at all her jewelry on her website ‘Sari Räthel‘. There you will also find some other passions of hers: photography and sculpting.