After Retirement Evleaks, Crowdfunding Seeks to Help Its Creator

On Sunday, everyone who works with technology or usually follow the news was surprised by the news that the @evleaks profile that always leaked information, especially smartphones, was wrapping up activities.

The creator, Evan Blass, told The Next Web the reason for dropping out: the lack of money.

Blass says he tried to monetize the “service” both sponsored tweets as subscriptions and ads on your blog, but never managed to earn enough. It even has an aggravating: suffers from multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that is extremely expensive treatment.

So he decided to leave the @evleaks and earn money otherwise to ensure comfort for the future, when the disease is worse.

Aiming to help the former technology journalist, TK O’Connor, the TK Tech News, created a campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for Evan. Called “evleaks fund”, it aims to achieve $ 100,000 to help with treatment.

“This fund is not only a way to thank the two years of leaks and stories we use in our sites, but also an aid to Evan and his family with the increasing consultations accounts that will come,” is said in the site .

There are only two rewards: a $500, exhausted, guarantee sending a hardware Samsung that has not yet been released, and a $ 1500 that lets watch a game NJ Devils cabin and meet the team. Besides them, you can contribute any amount without receiving a reward.

So far, the total raised was $ 3,800. The campaign runs until September 18 and you can contribute any amount.