Accolade for Pioneering Innovation: Philips Succeeds in the Leaderboard

The renowned Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) Philips has in the list of “50 disruptive companies 2013” recorded. This means that the US researchers, who mostly know in which direction the technological trend is, write to the group to develop products that completely can fall out of the usual line and ensure, that traditional offerings from the market disappear.

To write this potential most with especially the LED lamps too, developed by Philips. The Dutch light giant brings on the one at affordable prices in the trade, on the other hand, they offer new ways in which they do not have conventional bulbs their buyers.

This includes also the control of the digital light system “hue with Smartphone and Tablet app”.The light switch, as you him knows, is thus not quite redundant, but the lighting at home is so mobile, and anywhere from controllable.

“The speed with which technology changes is amazing,” says Jason Pontin, Publisher and editor in Chief of MIT Technology review. “This edition celebrates leading companies present ‘revolutionary innovations’, which let them proven to pass on their competitors, transform an industry and change all of our lives.”

Overall, Philips has brought 88 LED lamps on the market last year according to, the seal of the energy starcarry-it is an LED solution available for virtually any application. This ranges from the exchange of the disused light bulb by a LED model, which absorbs about 85 percent less power until down to a novel solution, such as “hue”, in which not only wirelessly controlled, but also with a wide range of colours and functions which can be used to set individual lighting scenarios.

The company essentially garnering the prestigious mention for the LED-innovation, gets but also recognition that it consistently scores with creative ideas. WITH leads in a device of that can find drugs on the basis of found nanoparticles, the development of E-paper, which also colors can represent, and work on 3dtvs, which can be used without additional glasses.