Accessories for Your Smartphone: It’s Really Worth It

Many people are of the opinion that accessories for the mobile phone is money-making. Self-made sticks, VR-glasses, pulse meters and co. Are described as unnecessary by less technically demanding people. There are also accessories, which most people use and which can be very useful.

Admittedly, the hype surrounding the smart phone also calls manufacturers on the market, who always bring new accessories for devices onto the market. This makes them money and only a fraction of them is really sensible-albeit for many users pleasant and fun. We collected for you the accessories, which we consider as really enriching.

Screen Protectors

We are so fair and do not evaluate the charging cable of the smart phone as a real accessory.Without the device does not run permanently. But what about display protection films? Actually, we do not necessarily need the slides. Finally, we can use our mobile phone also without. And yet, many smart phone users are reluctant to forgo protective films. Why? Very simple: the display does not scratch so fast and can not only be antireflection coated with matt films, but also less “dirty”. On matte foils our fingerprints are hardly visible and therefore also disturb less.

phone Case

Unnecessary Gadgets To And Fro – most smartphone users protect their mobile phone with a corresponding protective cover. This also falls under accessories. Depending on the type of sheath, she catches falls and prevents scratches that can be caused by sharp or pointed objects. The famous in-door key in the trouser pocket can leave your mobile phone unsafe. Cell phone covers prevent the worst damage. So, if you want to buy a new smartphone at some time, you can resell your old synonymous problem-free. Protective covers also have an aesthetic factor, which is an important argument for many people.

Headphones And Headsets

We probably own all the headphones for our mobile phone. Or a suitable headset, for example to be able to comfortably telephone or listen to music. Especially in bus and train your fellow men will thank you. Apart from this, we understand in human beings the person at the other end of the line much better when we use headphones or headsets. We find: This accessory is quite legitimate and not unnecessary gadgetry. Or how do you see that?

hands-free device

At the wheel, telephone calls are prohibited. And not only that: If you are caught while using the smartphone during the trip, expect a real punishment. They are all the more powerful when accidents occur. Especially for business people who are traveling a lot, car travel is often the only way to communicate with partners and customers. In order to hit the law a snap and to do themselves and other traffic a favor, there are hands-free kits. So you can legally also during the trip telephone.

Power Bank

The battery is not interchangeable on any smartphone. On the contrary. In the meantime it is increasingly so that batteries are firmly installed by the manufacturers. And we all know: over time, the performance of each battery will follow-no matter how well it is treated. For this reason and for anyone who uses his mobile phone more frequently, a so-called Powerbank is a real enrichment. So you have almost your previously loaded two-packs at any time with you. This way, you can do well with weaker batteries and recharge your mobile phone at home overnight. And for emergencies, you always have your Powerbank with you.

Touchscreen Gloves

Not so famous, but still cool: Touchscreen gloves. So you have the possibility to use your smartphone in winter, without having to take off your gloves every time . These special gloves are equipped with conductive fingertips, which can be used without any problems. By the way, you do not even have to buy the appropriate gloves. You can also make them out of the trade with a special thread. Find out more about touchscreen gloves here.