A Youtuberin Shows How Clothes Really Look Like

Fashion companies put out everything as expensive to stage their products-and such high sales figures to generate. Especially in online stores clothing looks often higher quality than in reality. Not infrequently, clients return their entire shopping again. It is noticed also Hannah Thalhammer.

The 25 year-old Wienerin is YouTube in, presenter and comedian.In their format “advertising vs. reality” it tests what brands such as mango, ASOs or H&M have just on sale – regularly and shows the difference between himself and the campaign models.How far is the petticoat? Is the clothing transparent? It can not recognize as purchaser, because the model sits on the photo?

Hannah awards points for presentation, feel-good factor, cut – and in the conclusion determines whether the advertising is, what it promises. 160,000 people follow the channel on YouTube, on Instagram has 15,000 followers.

In the Video Track: Hannah’s Channel

YouTube as a media parallel universe was discovered relatively late Hannah. “I’ve looked there earlier music videos, classic.” After studying journalism in Hamburg, started his own business of the Wienerin as presenter and spokeswoman, but often had to wait for orders.

“Small but Hannah” arose out of boredom as first “boils”, Hannah then later in cooperation with an advertising firm.Our aim is of course to bring quality on YouTube.

The two “Guys from the off”Hannah repeatedly asking for their opinion, are Simon Kaiser and Yannik Mark worth.Together, the three make the channel since may 2015. Now Hannah is entered with the advertising company.

Three months ago, in the summer of 2016, then came the first cooperation request. Hannah places importance transparently to identify product placement. The subscribers respond surprisingly positive.

The bags, skirts and pants in “advertising vs. reality” Hannah ordered itself. “Because nothing is paid.” What distinguishes “small but Hannah” fashion channels is mainly the humoristic approach. “I’m trying to convey a message without being dogmatic.”

I’m Doing What I want on my Channel

She want to show their followers that they must not look like the model on the poster and you feel good in the ordered pants: “everything is beautiful for me for now. This is to show me very important. ” If you feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter how you look.”If you feel comfortable, it doesn’t matter how you look.

Fashion, says Hannah themselves, they have no big idea. But it’s also not go. It is more important to stigma the great controversial issue of “Body” and too serious to take the fashion world as well as themselves.

The idea of the format she came during an evening with her friends. Dissatisfaction with the own appearance, it is not infrequently reinforced by flawless photos in fashion magazines . “I know that from my girlfriends, who then say: ‘ look, which has so slender legs and large breasts, but it is so thin.” “I want that too!'” Of course, there are women who look like Hannah says. Not always, but often thanks to Photoshop.

The Theme is Located me to the Heart.

It is “relatively unpretentious.” Competition there is little in her YouTube segment. “I think one reason why few women Comedy, is, that you must have a sense of self-irony . Courage to the ugliness is there quite in demand. I would say for me, that I do.”

Comedy is a nice way for Hannah, even more serious topics playful to handle. Society to criticize , to use without the raised index finger .

Meanwhile, Hannah from YouTube can live. “I’m very well busy.” Their acquired expertise uses them also for other commissions. Moderator jobs, for example – and as a consultant in the promotional company.

“You must do a lot in this industry and are friends to experience that sets you apart from others.” Staying power was particularly important. The 100,000 follower limit is still a magical. “From this moment you know it really gets going.”

With their YouTube channel, Hannah has created its own platform . Learning by doing so, that the young woman ultimately relatively helped self-determined life in the media industry together with their love for the performing one.