A Spectrophotometer for Your Android Thanks to This Campaign of Crowdfunding

If you are followers of some of clone series of police investigation, surely you have heard any which again the term of the spectrometer. In a simple way and that any engineer, biologist or criminologist see hurting their feelings by mistake, basically consists of the analysis of a substance through the light that shows through a liquid that substance that absorbs and emits that light.

This is achieved knowing fairly accurately unknown substances, even catalog them with their specifications. Is a tool that many university students and different associations may wish to use, since it is not something a person want media wants for his birthday, but generally they cost hundreds or even thousands of euros.

For this emerged the idea of unespectrofotometro of code and open hardware that could be useful to groups to investigate dumping in river and lakes, and in the absence of having legal validity, which would be able to know the exact problem in advance without waiting for a laboratory. The most surprising thing is that among their rewards we have the possibility of using your Android device.

Simply making a cutout to the camera lens or a few clips with a lens in particular can analyze these substances. How this crowdfunding for software, we will focus on them with regard to Android. By ten dollars will have a cutout in a resistant material to allow us ourselves and acoplemos it to the camera lens, and by 65 already gets a lens that allows us to do the same thing the cutout, only with better quality of materials, and if 100 people buy it will be an app for iOS.

It is a curious project that can serve for those who for various reasons need to analyse materials of all kinds, whether it will be by hobby-horses. The funny thing is that it will invest almost everything in getting an open software and a data base huge and completely free, an idea that it has met its funding requirements and time expected to do more to improve the quality of the software.