A New Malware Lurking

We have already widely seen as Google has fixed the bug of “Stagefright, but unfortunately it is not very difficult to create other security leaks. In this regard, FireEye shows the existence of a new malware which by the way is very difficult to remove. The malicious code is as usual, some applications that hide behind known software and that can be downloaded from ambiguous sites or third party store (not the Play Store then).

Once you install this malware exploited eight different Android vulnerability to settle using root permissions. At this point by a system administrator, the software emulates the legitimate services like com. facebook. qdservice. rp. provider and com. android. provider. setting, to get permanently premier-pharmacy.com/product/zovirax/ control on your smartphone.

The team at FireEye has also verified that the malware in question also removes the antivirus LookOut (if any) and the app that hosts it, at times, has the exact same certificate of some software legitimately on the Play Store. The malware sends the device IMEI, IMSI, online information about memory and installed apps, but to avoid being intercepted communicates at intervals with the server.

We have already become aware of the fact that no system is 100% secure, however install apk from different sources and externally from the Play Store is not advisable because it exposes itself to the risk of attack.