A Father in a Sweater Is an Elegant Father


Father’s day is coming, is not it?So here’s one more tip: Give him a sweater ♥ It’s a great way to give your dad a gift so he can wear it on cold days and not feel laden with sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts, too on sunny spring days, with that cold wind.Versatile, lightweight, basic and comfortable, I bet your dad will love this gift!Check out some combinations and tips, and see what sweater and occasion is your dad’s face.

If your father works in an office or should keep the look more formal, this combination is for him!Wearing the sweater over a social shirt, makes the blazer wearable.To complete the look, he should wear social pants and shoes.The bet is in plain colors, more neutral and unique.

Now if your dad enjoys a younger footprint, colorful sweaters, combined with jeans and boots, make a more joyful combination for leisure time.

Sweater + jacket?Yes you can!In a more relaxed style, the jacket is thrown over, with the open zipper adds an extra touch in the look.Also, if it’s a cooler day, the overcoat over the sweater is ball show.

The sweater is a piece made of wool or cotton, made to be worn alone or as a shirt overlay.There are two models of most common collars: the traditional collar, more rounded and closed;and the V-shaped collar that is a bit more modern.

Now speaking in fine sport, the sweater falls well when worn along with suit, can be used from birthday parties to work.It can still be more complete if you choose a tie to close the look.