90s Accessories Fashion

The 90 ‘s were the years of merger and change. One change that has affected many sectors, like politics, technology, cinema, art, music, television and fashion. Of course in fashion, you can certainly say that you wore a chic and refined, but after all the years ’90 were the years of experimentation, the mixture of different styles especially for women in that time. The fashion trend of those years were the grunge, punk, and hip hop, precisely because they are influenced by bands of the era, which departed from the unbridled luxury of the years ‘ 80.

The wedges are undoubtedly the accessory that were making hay more during those years. Certainly weren’t beautiful, but worn by many girls to mimic the Spice Girl, British female group at the time. Today have been revisited by giving her a sports version but with the invisible wedge, because inside. Sunglasses are another must of the year of  90’s. Strictly made in colored plastic or metal, and with mirror lenses, their peculiarity was round in shape, that is.

The Backpack was the symbol for any fashion victim of those years. The most common were made of nylon, but you could also see in helmets, in jeans, and metallic drapes.Very much used, not only for its originality but above all for its practicality and capacity, because you could put everything effortlessly thanks to handles that were on his shoulders and allowed to wear it comfortably. Another accessory that could not miss are the high-waisted jeans, ripped and a cigarette. Who can forget the characters from Beverly Hills 90210 wear? To match strictly with a colored t-shirt to slip inside the pants, accompanied with a Plaid Shirt left open. Grunge style.

Last, but not least accessory is the headband. She returned to appear in fashion this spring and summer, but it was a very much used in the years ‘ 90. Today they have an exotic style, reminiscent of the hot countries, through the use of fantasies of palms and exotic fruits. But in years past it was used with bright colors, or strove a scarf to tie the hair in order to create a big bow.