8 Rules To Take Care Of Your Breasts During Pregnancy And Lactation

Tips For Taking Care Of The Breasts During Pregnancy And Lactation

How some of you already know, we find that this year covered under the motto:, and takes place from 1 to 7 August 2014 in many countries of the world.

How some of you already know, we are in the World of breastfeeding week this year is covered under the slogan: Breastfeeding, a win for life, and takes place from 1 to 7 August 2014 in many countries of the world.

A movement which advocates natural feeding babies for as long as possible for health reasons and that poses many the following dilemma:

How to give my best to my baby without that then pass me invoice?

And it is that there are many women breastfeed their babies affected in the shape and firmness of your breasts, making never again be the same after a pregnancy and a subsequent lactation.

So today, we want to help you and give you some tips and recommendations to follow during pregnancy and breast-feeding so that your breasts are still exactly the same after this period where the physical and hormonal changes are very large:

Take Care Of Your Chest During Pregnancy And Lactation:

– Uses anti-stretch mark cream: to keep elastic the skin in that area and reduce the odds that appear calls stretch marks is very convenient to use a cream with a gentle massage, from outside inward, always equally without including the nipples. An exercise that both helps renew the skin and stimulate blood circulation. It can be used for this any kind of cream, although it is true that the most recommended are so-called creams anti-stretch marks or collagen creams once a day (repeating twice at the end of the pregnancy).

– Used maternal fasteners: since the first months of pregnancy and throughout lactation is of great importance to maternal fasteners to use. The ideal is that they are cotton and have straps wide and adaptable to changes in volume so prevalent in this period.

Maternal breastfeeding without rings BRA as described in special lingerie, especially for breastfeeding

– Apply cold in the area of the chest: an as home remedy as effective is the use of wet compresses, which help to tone the figure and bust.

– Cold showers: another good practice is to end the shower with cold water to strengthen breast tissue.

– Keep good posture: it is advisable to keep your back straight and your head high as the shoulders forward causing the fall of breasts.Prevents the small Bras compressing the chest and not sleep mouth down too many hours.

– Practice exercises: keep this area of your body firm with some specific exercises and extend arms in front and cross your arms in motion of scissors or with arms in cross hands turning in circles. The importance of these exercises is to keep straight, sharp stomach and buttocks collapsed.

– Avoids risk sports: tries to avoid sports that require much physical activity even if you are lover of physical activity effects are much reduced by using fasteners sports.

– Followed your baby is nursing: carries out a daily hygiene with soaps that do not cause dryness on the nipples or in your outline to Yes to prevent cracks.

In short, a few small tips that surely will serve and that they will do through a pregnancy and childbirth not noticeable in your body, except for that little one that you will take to the side

And you, have some more trick to share with all of us?