70 Years of Isis Valverde Dress-Vintage Dress

Check out beautiful dress options years 70 of ISIS Valverde and work with this fashion trend 2015!

How about using a interesting dress and super trendy? This post brings you some beautiful dress options years 70, the main fashion trend 2015 worldwide, starting with the dress of Isis Valverde. Check out!

ISIS Valverde is one of the leading actresses of the new brazilian generation. Her character Sandra, in the novel Boogie Oogie, razed by using a nice fluffy dress typical of years 70.This dress has inspired hippie, one of the strongest fashions of the Decade of 1970.

Note that the dress worn by Isis Valverde has many features like fluffy modeling hippies, the ethnic pattern (in this case indiana, one of the fevers of 70 years) and the tissue fluid.All these elements make this dress does not check the body and focus attention on the bust and, where are the pattern and the V-neckline.

Dress Tips 70 Years!

The Decade of 1970 went through profound economic and political changes. In fashion, this was reflected in the passage of the hippie movement of the early ‘ 70 years to the era of disco at the end of the same decade. So the dresses shown here are hippies or disco era.

When you want to use some dress years 70, bet on one of the elements below and check out the TIPS:

  • Patterned Dresses: this type of dress should be loose modeling, ideal for those seeking comfort;
  • Fringe: to give a more sexy and different, invest on the fringes, especially in ecological leather;
  • Dresses with sequin and lurex: these are ideal for those who want to tear down at the club night and likes to delineate the curves;
  • Knitting: knitting dresses or with natural fabrics are icons of the Decade of 70 and they are all currently.

With these tips from Thesciencetutor and 70 years dress options shown here, you’re going to raze!

Dress Options Years 70

  • #1 Dress Years 70

That dress years 70 falls into hippie fashion, but in a modern way and discreet. So, the pattern has mandalas in gaudy colors. It is worth noting that modeling loose resembles dress inspiration this post, being just the waist outlined.

  • #2 Dress Years 70

How about a dress more drawn to ballads? That dress 70 years is ideal, as it combines the pattern and other elements of the 70 years of elegant way. The fact of owning only print two colors helps keep the look, but the highlight is the modeling, with the shoulder-to-shoulder neckline and skirt evasê.

  • #3 Dress years 70

Knitting Dresses became one of the fevers of current fashion, both to be used in winter as in summer. In the case that dress years 70, your knitting is opened, ideal for use in the summer, combining with partying the night this season.

In addition, this knitting dress leaves skin on display, like a transparency, and that is very high.

  • #4 Dress Years 70

When you think of 70 years dress with fringes, one must keep in mind the dress shown above, with loose modeling and quite comfortable, the face of the hippie movement.Currently, many fringed dresses have another inspiration, being glued to the body and dresses very sexy, features that don’t match with the hippie movement.

  • #5 Dress Years 70

In the disco era, the sequins were used and dresses, like the one shown above, were successful. In the case that dress years 70, the attention is divided between the Blue beautiful sequin and modeling, ideal to rock ballad with comfort. Thus, the modeling highlights face, bust and legs, but does not show too much, while the sequins make you stand out.