7 – Wedding Day or Afternoon

Are you going to get married and looking for information to have your big day, but spending little? Check out our tips for a simple and inexpensive wedding.

Tips for a simple and cheap wedding (take note of all!)

1 – Decoration

If you have an item that makes a total difference in a wedding is the decor. A beautiful decoration changes the whole face of a formerly lifeless room. But do not think that decorating simpler and spending little may not be beautiful enough for the most important day of your life. She can yes (and she should).

What do you think of making yourself and the help of friends the table settings of the guests? To save on wedding decor, be creative. In this post you will learn the step by step how to customize bottles to decorate tables.

2 – Dress

Instead of buying the dress, you can rent it. There are specialized stores that have beautiful models. Perhaps, even, you would shell out a high value for a more basic dress because they are the most worked out a lot more expensive. Being rented, the dress of your dreams is much more affordable.

3 – Room

Are you going to do a religious ceremony? You can use the church’s own hall to make the reception. Just do not choose to make the party at home, because wedding gives work, dirty everything, glasses can break and not worth the tumult in your new home or your parents’ house. Unless the wedding is just for intimate people, forget about the idea of ​​taking everyone there.

4 – Buffet

Instead of an expensive Buffet, why not hire individual professionals? A good cook and waiters are the must have for your party.

5 – Sweets

You can make your own sweets, those being simpler ones. The most traditional wedding sweets, the most elaborate and decorated, you can order, but the economy will already be great. Learn to do your well-married here.

The rule is simple: anything you do and want to get out more needs to be planned in advance. That is how you will research the right time to rent the venue and hire services. Depending on the season, everything gets more expensive.

The earlier the marriage, the more chances of being simpler and cheaper. That’s because weddings at night demand more glamor, more caprice in details geared up to appear at night. Expenses with more lighting, more flower arrangements, more candles, more everything on healthinclude.

Daytime wedding is more simple, delicate. You can use the light of day and do the reception at a farm or a club. You do not need a red carpet. A green grass and flowerbeds have natural charm already. The dress does not need glitter, many details, nor have a tail or be very heavy. It will be beautiful with simplicity.

Likewise, food and drink can be milder as well. A sparkling wine can not be missed, but it will not take many types of drinks. Wedding hours allow the joke to serve fruit cocktails at will and juices as well.

An afternoon wedding also does not have as many demands as one in the evening. Therefore, the decoration, dress, makeup and salon can and should be simpler, but without losing the good taste and the whim. And, believe me, cutting out the extravagances, you will save a lot.

Did you see how it is possible to fulfill your dream and have a simple and cheap marriage? Do you have other tips? Already planning yours? Tell us and do not forget to share the information.