7 Tips To Open A Small Lingerie Store!

Lingerie, besides being all good, it’s a great investment opportunity and the market is constantly expanding.

In recent years the brazilian woman definitely conquered your place in the Sun: today she is powerful, head of the House, mother and fighter, but don’t give up sensuality, beauty and comfort. And all that, let’s face it, begins with the proper lingerie for your day-to-day.

Thus, the lingerie market is stronger than ever and, at the request of many readers and customers, we have prepared this post with basic tips How to assemble a small lingerie store!

1) Target Audience

The choice of target audience is critical. It is necessary to define who you want to sell, identify your habits, routines, style, how much to spend, age and social profile. This information is important for almost every decision you will make in your new business.

2) Initial Capital

The second big decision is how much we’re willing to invest. Think about it, this is what will determine the size of the stock, the commercial point, the type of furniture, the propaganda will do. Remember that a business always involves risks, so be careful. Set calmly value that intends to invest, chat with your family and be sure that the investment will be done without risks for them. Estimate the costs of operation of the new business is very important. You must have at least the capital to keep 6 months of operation of the store, so you will not risk running out of money and have to close or be in debt.

Estimate The Following Costs:

1) cost of commercial point, rentals and necessary reform;

2) investment in furniture, exhibitors and equipment;

3) opening of the company, fees, taxes and monthly counter;

4) number of employees required and monthly cost that represent;

5) purchase of packaging and trading cards;

6) investment in advertising.

3) Location

The location depends directly on the choice of the target audience and the initial capital defined by you. After all, you need to be where your clientele frequents and the point value fit in your budget.

The better the point, more expensive is the rent. The main shopping streets of the city and the shopping malls are usually guarantees of good movement, but due to the higher costs of rent, depending on the initial capital can be impractical.

There are also the shopping streets of neighborhoods, galleries and mini-malls, which tend to have cheaper rental costs, but in this case it is necessary to analyze calmly if the chosen target audience attends these locations.

Another option more into account and that some entrepreneurs take is to open the store in your own home. In this case, there is the advantage of the economy with the rent and the knowledge of the neighborhood, but often represents a nuisance in their schedules, or even municipal laws is not permitted.

Whatever the chosen point, always the local competition: sometimes the presence of a strong competitor and very competitive can derail the choice.

4) Assembly, Structure And Organization Of The Store

Store Name

Choose a name easy to speak and memorize, it’s good that he’s identity with your target audience and with the image that you want to create for your store.

Visual Identity

The help of a professional or marketing architecture help a lot, but if you don’t have resources to invest in it, search the internet, browse other stores and imagine how you intend your store and your brand are and if she will have identity with your target audience. Creating a logo and visual identity creation own differentiate your shop and makes only one of the others. Create a pleasant and creative.

Window Or Stands?

The showcase is the decoy and the first contact that your customer will have with your store, she must have your visual identity and draw the attention of your target audience. It is important to build a creative setting and at the same time without much accumulation of products, the window needs to be “clean”.

However, in some cases, especially if your target audience have lower purchasing power, and offers stalls macaws with promotions right at the door of the shop they call more attention and can stimulate more sales than the window. Both the window and the newsstands and parrots need to be exchanged on a weekly basis, so that the client always look and feel tempted to enter to buy.

Furniture, Exhibitors And Organizing Store

A lingerie store you need to enjoy your space very well and make the best and most organized exhibition. Always remember: no exposure product doesn’t sell.Among the various models of exhibitors, you have to choose the one that more fits your space; Another tip is to not mix the product categories in them, because the client can get confused at the time of purchase. A specialized store is more organized and so the client can view and auto answer.

The Macaw is another way for you to expose your product, but with a difference: the rack you can put pajamas and still manages to expand your range of products.
The rack can also be used for products that are on sale or liquidation, place a card with the price.


The mannequin is a great way of client showing the full “look” and so create desire to purchase to their customers. Choose the most showy and according to the time of year, for example: for Valentine’s day a Red corset complete with stocking and shoe is the best option. On mother’s day, a comfortable winter Pajamas is a nice option.

Counters And Counter-Box

Counters are useful to support the parts and easy viewing by customers, a central counter always helps, but is not mandatory. Already the counter-box is very important because there is going to be the box, Conference and the package, that is, it is a place that requires a certain seclusion and privacy for the team at the store.


The number of people for a good service to its customers and a good functioning of the shop will depend on a lot the size of your store, operating hours and start-up capital. A store can work only with you, as long as she is small and you close on your lunch hour and a day of rest, for example, or may even have many employees.

The ideal number for a small intimate fashion store are usually 3 people: the owner and two salesgirls. Select people who have nice to meet the public and you enjoy especially lingerie, because the higher the affinity with the product sold will be the best results.

5) Meet Your Product

It is not enough just to want to sell and increase revenues, you have to know the market and the products we sell. Is information that add value to customers and that account for purchases. It is essential to know all the features of your product as tissue, applications, brands, details, its attributes and features, the materials used for making and also usage tips, and fashion combinations.

For this are several sources, talk to the vendors attacked stores, representatives of brands, search the internet, read magazines and visit fairs of the sector.

6) Variety Of Products

There is a lingerie for every moment and step of a woman’s life and, according to target audience and size of your store, it is important to offer its customers the widest range possible.
Remember the different seasons of the year, the cold and the heat, the special occasions where the woman you want to be sexy, the day to day work that demands comfort and elegance, the fitness line of feast days and relaxing moments at home and, in addition, of motherhood.

The man usually too lazy to buy intimate line and usually are their wives, mothers and girlfriends who buy, so is a great intimate male line in your store, and this line is no different, today men have several models of underwear, socks and Pajamas for your choice and, just like women, men too are becoming more demanding.
The children’s line is also interesting offer, but it must conform to the store space and initial capital, in some occasions may be infeasible.

The Underwear Store offers a full line of Intimate Fashion with wholesale prices so that you can open your store paying less and with high-quality products. Offers up to 4 installment times without interest and cash discounts.

The Intimate Store ‘s attendants are super specialized in lingerie and will help you compose your mix and questions about the items more saleable, its attributes, qualities, fabrics and everything about the product.

And to facilitate the purchase, the Intima Store has two physical stores and a virtual.

Address of the stores:

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7 Promote Your Business)

The disclosure of your new store is key, nothing worth having a beautiful and complete store if your prospects don’t get heard. There are several clever ways and cockroaches.

Friends, The Internet And Social Networks

The word of mouth is the strongest weapon of small business, tell your friends and family and ask them to release your new store. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Plus Google, among others, are powerful tools of dissemination. Create and store your profile, create promotions, offers and cultural contests to increase your number of followers. Keep these pages up-to-date and always with news.

Advertising Information And Partnerships

The proselytizing among the target audience and your partnerships with business next can be of great help. Look for beauty salons, gyms, bakeries, and other businesses where you can offer cross-disclosure, i.e. you disclose their business and they your. In neighborhoods and small towns, these actions work very well.

Customer Register

The registration of customers is very important, so that you can retain your customers, informing on all news of your shop, question them if they need anything and even to know how they are. A good idea is to make an after sales service, for example: call to ask what she thought of the products and about the service, but not to be invasive, it is best to ask at the time of registration if the client accepts to receive calls.

We hope with this post help you assemble your long-dreamed fashion store, but be sure to ask your questions and leave your comments!