7 Things You Don’t Need to Be in the Bathroom

Today’s tip is not exactly about decoration, but are important tips that everyone needs to know. I decided to separate some things that don’t need to be in the bathroom and tell you, they may even be there, but it is important to take some care.

A lot of things we left in the bathroom is usual, you grew up leaving these things because your mother grew up leaving these things in the bathroom. But now it’s time to learn and do it right, so here’s the 7 things that don’t need to be in the bathroom.

Toothbrush-Let’s start with her, the most common of all, everyone or almost everyone put the toothbrush in the bathroom, but she doesn’t need to be there. In the bathroom she is exposed to many bacteria, just to have an idea and stay with plenty of nojinho, a survey in New Orleans (USA) confirmed the presence of fecal coliforms (fecal matter) in 60% of the analyzed brushes. Can you imagine? Jeez huh, so my tip is to not store the brush in the bathroom or let her always with the dust cap and inside a drawer.

Medicine-It’s very common to see in medicine in the bathroom movies, people always open the closet and he’s full of medicine, but isn’t it interesting to keep in the bathroom. In addition it is important to pay attention to the packaging informs, generally should be stored in a cool place and protected from light. Leave the medication in the bathroom without observing what the packaging says can make the drugs lose the effect and don’t work so well.

Towels-Towel place is not in the bathroom, I’m talking about bathroom towel towels that you’re not using, you can have a face, but it’s good change more than once a week, especially if wet her too much, but the bath towel should never be in the bathroom. The towel gets bathroom moisture, not dry right in this environment, can receive particles of discharges and accumulate many fungi and other things.

Razor Blades-I know very well that just like the brush, you use the blade in the bathroom, but you don’t have to keep it there. If you leave the bathroom and notice signs of rust I mean you need to change the place that stores.

Perfumes-The temperature change in the bathroom is very big, therefore if the scent stay there he will lose the aroma and original color and can even cause skin problems. Take care and find another place for your perfumes, they are also part of the things that don’t need to be in the bathroom.

Makeup-The same thing will happen with the makeup, that temperature change will oxidize the products and they will not work as they should. In addition, you need to take care of the brushes too, think of the toothbrush, the same can happen with your makeup brushes.

Toilet paper and magazines-The ideal is to not keep the toilet paper in the bathroom and as much as I enjoy reading magazines in the bathroom indicated is leave only one at a time and change or take. Papers and bathroom don’t match, they may not stay for a long time in the bathroom, because moisture will leave softer, can rot and cause other problems, in addition to ruin.

There you go, now you know things that you don’t need to be in the bathroom and that even they can’t stay there, so before the end of this year to make the changes to start 1 2017 with a new bathroom and different. If you have any questions, leave your comment.