6 Styling Tips to Keep Your Legs Longer


Ohja, stripes can have a huge impact on our silhouette. But whoever thinks that longitudinal striping is automatically slimmer has far from it, because often the Beetlejuice look is not a pleasure.  If the pants are hauteng, for example, so that the strips on the thighs comically deform, it has exactly the opposite effect. Instead of optically leaning and stretching, optically suddenly a few kilos more drauf. You are very slim, likes to grab the tight leggings. Otherwise, we recommend the Marlene variant. Say: a floor-length fabric pants with a straight, slightly flared leg.

High waist

A high-cut maxi skirt or a high-waist jeans will make your legs appear longer. The “More” of fabric above your belly button stretches your silhouette. Depending on your preference, you can access tight pieces or flowing skirts or pants to keep your legs longer.

If oversize then with plateau

A close-fitting Maxirock stretches visually more than the wide hippie look. If, however, you are one of the women who feel more comfortable in a wide range of things, you should definitely rely on your footwear with centimeters in the Oversize clothing. Otherwise, the look seems squashed. Note: XXl silhouettes are ok but then always with high shafts.

Floor length trousers

High-waisted bodysuits are perfect for zipping a few centimeters. Under the flared leg, you can simply sit on a plateau, which makes your legs look longer and even less noticeable under the pants. Alternatively, flat shoes or a small heel are also perfectly in order, since the floor-length cut of the garment is also very advantageous without the murder heel.

Nude colored pumps

Attaches to high shoes or pumps similar to your skin tone. Sure, the Pumps stretch already your leg length. But here is another optical effect, which we make use of: because by the same color of skin and shoes is here once again properly munched.

Long coats

Long sleeves with narrow silhouette also work great with sneakers and stretch your look. To enhance the effect, you should choose muddy and neutral tones such as camel, khaki or beige. To increase the long legs effect, you should consider the tips from above and combine them into your coat.