6 Ladies’ Classic Watches In Portrait

Even though the Haute Horlogérie is still dominated by models designed for men, ladies’ watches are no longer a substitute for diamonds, solitaire rings or gold bracelets. On the contrary, they have been a key element of the core lineup for brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier and Rolex. Whether you want to give yourself or your better half: With these 6 ladies’ watch classics you can not go wrong in any case.

1. Cartier Balloon Bleu

No collection of ladies’ watches with a claim to completeness comes without consideration of at least one model classics from Cartier. While the models Tank, Santos and Panthère are all of them first class watches, my personal choice would nevertheless fall on the Cartier Ballon Bleu. The name refers to the prominent crown with its blue cabochon inlay, whose outward vault gives the impression of a blue balloon. Especially in the stainless steel version the Balloon Bleu is, from my point of view, the ideal example of a watch, which on the one hand embodies luxury and is also suitable for everyday use. The forms are visually inviting and at the same time convey a pleasant wearing feeling. The balloon Bleu, shown here, with its case diameter of 36 millimeters certainly belongs to the larger ladies’ watch models, but this does not detract from their feminine elegance.

2. Rolex Lady Datejust

Since women’s watches have also been worn in over-sized fashion, the men’s version of the Datejust with its unisex aura is also one of the absolute favorite models for female watchmakers. This is not to deny, however, that the ladies’ variant named as Lady Datejust belongs to the absolute watchclassics. In addition, it is said in insider circles that Lady Datejust is still the best-selling model of the entire Rolex collection – men’s models included.

The model shown here with a case of Everose rose gold and star-shaped engraved brilliance indices looks luxurious and opulent. With a housing size of 28 mm, it is nevertheless unmistakably recognizable as a ladies watch. As you would expect from Rolex, this Lady Datejust has a COSC-certified self-winding movement that has been completely made in-house.

3. Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso Duetto

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso is one of those particular watchmaking models, whose designs can clearly be attributed to a specific epoch, in this case Art Deco, which is as up-to-date as it is today. Developed in 1931, its pivotable housing served as a protection against hard strokes. Originally, the watch was designed for use in the polo game, but the rotating mechanism has also offered a quick and simple solution since then, which prevents damage to the case glass, the dial, the pointer movement and the movement of the watch.

Over the last 9 decades g for men and women leichermaßen  u nzählige variants spawned . One of my personal favorite models is the Reverso Classic Small Duetto (ref. 26688430). The rotary housing also functions here according to the same principle. However, while it used to protect the watch, the housing swivel now allows a dial change between light and dark. So you can determine the desired design as you wish and adjust the clock perfectly with the choice of clothes. The bright dial page is simple and is ideal for formal occasions. The dark dial, on the other hand, is the perfect choice for leisure wear and makes an especially good figure for an elegant evening dress or the “little black one”. Whether day or night – the Reverso is and remains the ultimate ladies’ watch in the style of the Art Deco.

4. Breguet Reine De Naples

Even today, it is still debated, which manufacturer the world’s first wrist watch brought forward. The watch made by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the once for Catherine Bonaparte, Queen of Naples (Reine de Naples) was commissioned, dates back to 1810. However, since the history is not well documented, is  in the Guinness Book of Records  A piece of Patek Philippe, dating back to  1876,  was the first watch in history.

Regardless of whether the first watch or not, the Breguet watch collection of the same name, has long since become a classic. Especially the shaping of the clock.As you know it from Breguet, the Reine de Naples is not stifling with ornaments and curving shapes in baroque style. The palette ranges from extravagant and diamond-studded gold variants to more modern steel models. This item with a case of 18 carat rose gold and diamond trim keeps the perfect balance between classic and modern styles. The transparent bottom of the case also opens a glimpse of the complex and finely crafted movement of Breguet, which also makes the watch back to the eye.

5. Omega Speedmaster

If you like to adapt your watch to the realities of everyday life, you will hardly notice a more sporty watch. According to jibin123, the Omega Speedmaster is perhaps the best-known chronograph in watch history; Not least because it participated in all six NASA lunar landings as the official timepiece for the crew members. This white ladies variant (ref. 324. combines numerous design elements of the black original. With a case diameter of 38mm, the watch could also go through as a men’s model and thus ensures a modern look in oversize. Above all, however, the Speedmaster is one of these models, which never come out of fashion and, due to their distinctive design and their historical relevance, will not lose their recognition value in many decades.

6. Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas

The serpent has always been a key design motif at Bulgari and the serpenti line of the Italian luxury brand has been one of the most important ladies’ watch classics for decades. While the watch and the bracelet are to be considered as two separate entities in many  models, they form a unit in the case of the Serpenti, which only makes up the character of the watch. The Serpenti Tubogas (SP35C6SDS.1T) shown here is embellished with diamonds and has a Cabochon-cut gemstone, like the already introduced balloon bleu.