6 In 1 Surveillance Camera

He ever thought 6 different points with a single security camera monitor? 
Seems impossible, but it is not, with this camera 6 in 1, known as the surveillance camera with Fisheye Lens can control 6 places with a panoramic view of 360°, or two views of 180°or 120° 3 views, being able to control in a way independent each a view you get as if camera independent were.

The main objective of this camera is to”watch the full story”, i.e. of a look simply on your mobile device or monitor the entire area to control.

With the possibility of event recording in the same camera using an SD card thus avoiding the use of a video recorder.

According to securitypology, these surveillance cameras have the ePTZ system, i.e., it allows the user select a region of the image for a close-up view, with a simple click on the video shown in the browser. The ePTZ makes use of megapixel camera resolution to inspect an area.

Two-way audio system, makes it possible to provide images and videos of audio while the user can give any type of instruction from anywhere that you can find.

Its versatile installation on wall, ceiling or table, makes an ideal security for offices, shops, garage camera…

It is the best choice for the construction of a monitoring system with the greatest possible coverage.


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