6 Ideas of Moldings with Rolls of Toilet Paper

If you wring your nose at handicrafts that are made with toilet paper rolls because you do not think they can be sophisticated or refined, know that it is good to review your concept, as it is possible to make beautiful and refined pieces with this material, such as make moldings with rolls of toilet paper, for example, and with pretty models.

Tips for Molding with Toilet Paper Rolls

The frame made with rolls of toilet paper can embellish and frame various types of pieces, such as traditional frames, mirrors and even wall clocks. And do not think that you can use the rolls only by cutting strips and gluing, because the process of making the piece can be much more elaborate, resulting in much more sophisticated and interesting pieces. You can start off as if you are going to make a simpler piece by cutting little strips on the rolls of toilet paper, but you can refine your work by shaping the strips according to more elaborate models. And you also cut the strips from the rolls of toilet paper and attach one pectin to the other forming other interesting and quite different movements.

Painting the piece after forming the drawings can also be a great alternative to make the piece more sophisticated. And in addition to using neutral and basic colors, you can use, for example, a gold or silver spray paint to leave the piece well refined and not resembling a piece made from recyclable material.

And beyond the traditional use of the frame, you can also use it alone on the wall without framing any other piece or you can mount a frame that accommodates multiple photos in a single space, as if it were a panel that can receive a larger number of photos or other images.