53 Nails Decorated

A few simple tips are able to fully transform a visual, as do nails decorated to make the production. The nail art can combine with clothes or even with the style of the person. Usually Leopard prints and polka dots yield decorated nails are easy to do. Separated more than 50 ideas to inspire you. Before, here are some tips on how to make the nail home and have a perfect result with 16 easy steps.

53 Nails Decorated

How to decorate nails

Nail decorated with geometric matte effect. Credit: Ehuacom.com

  • The first step is to sand well, without leaving any tip repuxando. Choose the format you like best: round or square.
  • Avoid: pass the sand up and down. Only use movements from side to side.
  • If you choose square nails, lightly sand the corners so the gently rounded. This prevents your fingernails break easily.
  • Remove burrs passing the softer side of sandpaper under the nails.
  • Use sandpaper polisher to leave the nails flush. This ensures a better outcome for your nail art.
  • Take the cuticle is a dilemma. Dermatologists recommend not removing it, as it is a natural protection. If you want to get even so, soften them with water and cream. Push the cuticles with a spatula and use the pliers to remove excess at once, to avoid the appearance of hairs after. Use a pair of pliers sharp is key to a good result.
  • The base must be passed across nail passing the base of the cuticle, making it easy to clean with toothpick.
  • Pull the skin of the side of the finger lightly to pass the enamel to ensure it won’t be white spaces on the nail.
  • If it is a step by step nail decorated single, three layers of creamy Nail Polish as a base and then the details.
  • One of the secrets to the enamel last longer is on extrabilho coverage (other than sanding, polishing and perfectly use spray drying).
  • To clean the enamel corners use the toothpick in the corners of the nail to each layer, including the extrabilho.

Simple decorated with French nail art kitten. Credit: Ask4beauty.com

  • The tip of the stick must be thin enough not to leave marks, but not as much as it may hurt the corners.
  • Just after passing the dry stick on every finger is that you should clean the corners with a stick, cotton and acetone.
  • To put the cotton ball on the toothpick, pull in the direction of the fiber. This prevents the cotton tip becomes too thick. Don’t soak with nail polish remover: a little is enough. The excess can ruin your toenail.
  • The movement with the stick need to be firm: do as you wish, whether it comes and goes or running. Always clean from the outside in.
  • Always finalize your nail model decorated with spray or drying oil. The latter also helps moisturize your cuticles. Put just a drop in the base of the cuticle, which will run for the remainder of the nail. The spray, in addition to dry and shine, creates a protective film to the enamel.