5 Tips To Start Cycling In The City

Each time we see more bicycles in Portuguese cities, mainly in Lisbon and Porto. Citizens who go to work, schools or universities and who choose the two wheels (without motor) for travel. We in LiAM we’re fans and we’re happy to be everything that allows us to live the cities with a more human scale, as is the shift of bike on a daily basis.

Thus, on the eve of the CM Lisbon start putting the network of shared bikes in town (with and without motor), we ask an expert in the field of bicycles in the city which the 5 tips to start cycling in Lisbon. See whatJohn Camolas, owner of the Velocité has to say:

1-the bicycle is the most important. “If you use the public transport, the best is to choose a folding bicycle. Already the usual path that traverses the future cyclist has many climbs, is preferable to an electric bike. If the normal route is normal, a conventional bicycle is the best choice. And the best thing is to invest a little more and have a bicycle really light. If it has engine then you have a good battery. And bikes that fold, to double even.In the case of a conventional bike, we suggest the Tokyobike tag, for example.

2–a good lock. “Lock in” U “, strong, and in steel. These are locks that don’t get cut easily with pliers. Should be placed at the rear, at anchor, catching the wheel. You can invest and buy safety grips for the two wheels and the saddle. And it’s very important to have one or two locks, with the second lowest security to the front wheel. Without that I don’t think Valley and pity for the urban bike ‘.

3- Lights. “People forget that for cycling at night is very important. The rider is already so invisible, so small on the road that is not visible undermines security. By the way, is forbidden by law to walk without light at night “.

4-jeans or chinos for cycling. “There is a collection of Levi’s, Levi’s, prepared for Commuter who rides a bike on a daily basis. in the part of the saddle, Reinforced with some impermeability and elasticity and reflectors in the folds of the pants (close to the shoes). And they cost the same as the model 501”.

5-saddlebags. “To, for example, transport the computer. It is much more comfortable than riding a backpack from one side to the other. Of course, the backpack is an interesting piece, but a Saddlebag is much more practical. ”

We leave aside the issue of the helmet. Since it is not mandatory and that, according to zipcodesexplorer.com, should be a personal matter. Now that you have your top tips, get to your cities.