5 Tips On The Responsible Use Of A Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system is one of the best tools for the protection of our interests, but we must not forget that its implementation must be balanced with the fundamental rights of the individual.

Below deluxesurveillance will outline 5 important parameters that must be taken into account at the time that we have or consider us to install a system of this kind, either in a public and a private organization:

  1. Discern the purpose of video surveillance system: there is a wide range of reasons why we will install security cameras, and we must make sure have a justified use and, above all, to fulfil its purpose.
  2. Respect the right to privacy andPrivacy: the norms established by the Peruvian Government is very clear: when designing a system will have to take into account the right of our employees and customers, both intimacy and privacy.
  3. Know the limitations of ourenvironment : One of the aspects discussed by public opinion has always been that of the legality of capturing images of the thoroughfare. The same is true in the case of capturing images from non-us private property.
  4. Get access to our security measuresimages: the best solution is to stay our server or recording equipment in a restricted-access site, in a room with either control access or locked; It should be always a user code and password on your computer for local access. At the same time, it is crucial to never leave the password by default when the camera is connected in network, since anyone could see your images.
  5. Limit access to one or two peopleformed : Authorised persons using the system must have training in the use of video surveillance system and the location of incidents, whose images may be observed or extracted in order to avoid a tampering of images or even accidental deletion of them.