5 Quality Headphones that Cost Less Than $50

Owning a pair of quality headphones is very important for those who want or need to hear music by themselves on a regular basis. In fact, they are more important than the device actually play the music itself, whether it’s a home stereo sound system, an mp3 player or a smart phone. A good pair of headphones can make a trashy player.

However, the headset doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Okay, that can detect the slightest audiophiles failed reproduction have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing all the equipment needed to deliver that perfect experience. But most of us who are proudly nothing, but audiophiles, can spend a small amount of money on equipment that will be enough. And without Dr. Dre beats in sight.

Please note that all prices are those listed on Amazon.com and were correct at the time of writing.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30

The ATH-M30 of Audio-Technica are closed-back stereo headphones at ElectronicsMatter.com designed for home users and Studio engineers. Padded head band, large soft cushions and lightweight design must ensure the comfort, even after prolonged use. The sound quality is excellent, but these are not listed as noise cancellation. Build quality is great, with a robust feeling everywhere.

technology: 40 mm driver, frequency response 20-20, 000 Hz, sensitivity of 100dB.
Price: The list price is $ $119.99, but these can be purchased for about $ $45.

Sennheiser HD203

the Sennheiser HD203s are closed-back stereo headphones designed primarily for home use. These are very comfortable for short periods of time, but can start bugging after being used for longer periods. The sound quality is good, with clear, clean and subtle settings between low, medium and high ends. Build quality is good if not a little plasticky.

technology: 40 mm driver, frequency response of 18-18, 000 Hz, 115 dB sensitivity.
Price: The list price is $ $49.95, but these can be purchased for about $ $38 on Amazon.


The HARX700s of JVC are closed-back stereo headphones again mainly designed for use at home, thanks to your massive nature. These are very comfortable to wear even for long periods, even though your ears will become hot and sweaty. The sound quality is fantastic, although some users suggesting that they need to break to truly shine. build quality is just fine.

technology: 50 mm driver, frequency response 8-25, 000 Hz, 105dB sensitivity.
Price: The list price is $ $59.95, but these can be purchased for about $ $32 on Amazon.

Sony MDR-XB300

The MDR-XB300s from Sony are stereo headphones that are big and bulky, but ultra-comfortable seating as a result the back closed. The pads are very soft to the point that you can forget you’re wearing headphones at all. The sound quality is great, but these are all about the bass at the expense of the lower and middle ranges. Build quality is solid, and they should last a long time.

technology: 30 mm driver, frequency response 5-22, 000 Hz, sensitivity of 100dB.
Price: The list price is $ $49.99, but these can be purchased for about $ $32.

Koss Door

The Koss PortaPros are foldable stereo headphones that sit in, rather than more, your ears. They have been on the market for many years, but still maintain your own against the new candidates. These are the only small headphones, laptops in this list, but both sound quality and build quality are good enough given the type of user who is being sought.

technology: 30 mm driver, frequency response 15-25 Hz, sensitivity 101dB.
Price: The list price is $ $49.99, but these can be purchased for about $ $32.

What about the Rappers?

I wrote this article after researching headphones to buy for me, and I ended up buying one of the listed above. What really surprised me was how expensive brands are named, and named brands I mean, those named after rappers. Dr. Dre are everywhere, but for several hundred dollars that you are getting the headphones that are undoubtedly just equal in quality to those many times less expensive.

If you need to be seen to be using headphones backed by Dre, Ludacris, or RZA, then that’s up to you, but you need to be aware that you’re not necessarily getting the best return for their investment. I like making fun of Apple fanboys every time you spend a fortune on a computer that is available in another form for a lot less money, but they look positively sensible compared to those who purchase the headphones just for the name that is written on the side.


The five pairs of headphones listed here will all serve you well, and there are many more around the same price that will be enough. Push your budget closer to $ $100 and options grow considerably. As always, when buying new hardware of any kind be sure to read a number of comments from different sources, and if possible also go to a store to try people from your list by himself.