5 Points To Leverage Test Makeup And Hairstyle

Apparently, when you’re planning your wedding, the attention often focuses on the dress. But, I am of the idea that this is just one part of the whole.

How many times we’ve seen brides that made-up or combed are just that, a face painted with stylized hair?

I think the best thing you can do is give the same importance to every detail: the dress, makeup, hairstyle, accessories and shoes. All of that will help you look like the perfect bride.

Therefore, I think that the test of make-up and hairstyle can be excellent opportunities to play and try different looks to find which will make you see and feel more beautiful and comfortable.Here are my five points to take advantage of these tests:

Point One: Get That Coincides With An Important Event

What you can do is to have the test the same day of your request or of the engagement photo session, so you’ll see your look with different lights and images, also check the duration of the same. You won’t want to be the bride with the bun dropped newly arrival at the party.

Point Two: Take Your Album

Since the invention of Pinterest, this point was much modernized. (What I would have given to have it when I got married…). But you don’t necessarily have to do a virtual folder, it can be an album with cuts and ideas that you like (as I had to do).

Share this with the stylist or makeup so that you have one idea more clear of what you want. You will be surprised how quickly you skilled personnel can define your style with visual support. One thing: tries to be realistic. It is no good that you fill out your address book of photos of Beyonce if you’re very white, with hair clear and blue eyes. It will be very difficult to adapt this idea to your features.

Point Three: Skin Type And Characteristics

You save nothing. Tells all. Is super important that you tell the stylist how does your hair. In my case, it is very heavy and I endure almost any hairstyle. For example, if you have very Chinese and tends to curl, tell him that you are worried that your curls are kept hydrated and beautiful throughout the event.

Insurance will recommend you some treatment to use days before the wedding to get with the hair of Rapunzel.

The same goes for makeup. If, for example, you tend to shine in “T-zone” or are of oily skin, your makeup will know that it should use matifying products. You must also tell you if you’re going to cry to make all proof of tears. Even the coldest heart breaks at a wedding. All brides cry sometime, all!

Point Four: Plays

Change and test the times as necessary. Until you’re not 100% convinced that you look divine, keep trying. In my case, I felt that all the makeup was perfect during the test, went to the first.Until I I did not see in a photo, I realize that hated the lipstick tone. In person it looked very good, but there was no way in the pictures.

They believe me that we tested as fifteen different? Already I was sorry with the makeup artist, until he told me that for that was the test, because if that happened the day of wedding, it had not been nothing father.

Point Five: Your Touch-Up Kit Is Preparing For That Day

It prepares a case with a little bit of dust, pins, comb, swabs and the lipstick that you are going to use that day. Remember that “prevented women is worth two”, the day of the wedding, “vale per thousand”.

The point is that I want you to get as much as you can test (may be several, with different people). Also ask your opinion people with which you Medina(…) not much. Those closest to you, like your MOM or your best friend, will not see it very well because of the thrill. It also relies on photos. I wait in Rita and point, I wait with more tips so that your look will be a success.