5 Nexus in Video: Expected

Here’s the latest filtration that surrounds to the Nexus 5, the anticipated new phone manufactured by LG in collaboration by Google that could come as soon as this week. Perhaps we have to wait a little longer, although it seems certain that we will have it throughout the month of October.

The video that we present below reaches next Android 4.4 images leaked yesterday, although Interestingly they show the current interface of the 4.3 and earlier. We could be to a prototype of Nexus 5 from some time ago, since for example the version is labeled as KeyLimePie instead of KitKat.

The design fits in with what you already referred to over and over again (one, another, another, and even caught him taking a beer), and although the video is long (more than 7 minutes) also comes in great detail. Yes there are some moments in which shows great potential, Although we have to wait to benchmarks on the final version to see really what is capable.

With the current lack of inventory of Nexus 4 can think that the launch of Nexus 5 is imminent. While it is true that there is still not an official filing date many are running to the October 15, on Tuesday, date that we will mark our calendar to see what tell us from Mountain View.