5 Essential Coats for Winter

In the coldest season of the year all we want is comfort. It turns out that often the style is in the background and we ended up falling into sameness.

On the other hand, when we managed to combine comfort and style in one look, the result can only be what we call ” comfy & cool ”. And wrong who think that this is an impossible mission, with certain parts you can create hot combinations, diverse and stylish.

The coats, for example, are essential pieces this season. Besides, they like no other productions the winning play. So, think of each coat and their singularities is a way to diversify the closet and make sure you don’t fall into the basics.

Why many jackets jeans if you can invest in the trim and the fluidity of the maxi Cardigan? This is our proposal today, do you realize that there are many possibilities if you allow risk and invest in new shapes, shapes and colors.

Versatile, cute and cool. So it’s hard to resist for synthetic coat. He is timeless and indispensable when it comes to intense cold.

With bulky shape and elastic trim on collar and cuffs, the bomber jacket can update the look of winter like no other play.

In the years 1990, the denim jacket is still charting on street style and it’s not hard to guess why: is an extremely versatile piece that can compose various styles and guarantees winter supermodernas compositions.

The maxi Cardigan is also a superversátil piece, mainly in neutral colors, it ensures more movement and lightness to visual and needs to be part of your winter closet.

The trench coat is a classic of female closet. This season, we present a persimmon and utilitarian version to add more functionality and attitude to production.

See, only? Each coat has distinct characteristics that can transform your production. The more options you have in your closet, more productions you will be able to create. How about giving a chance to shapes that you don’t have? Choose your preferred below on our showcase!