5 Bras You Need to Have!

Last week I did two posts on how to choose the perfect bra ( 8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bra / The right bra makes all the difference! ), And I thought it would be cool to show some bras that every woman needs to have.

I Hope That It Falls

I’ve always worn a bra of this type, and then the basics have to be your first purchase! Buy a good, neutral color with no income or details. If your breasts have been bulky and / or not so firm, prefer those with the wide, reinforced side, because that is what will hold the volume.

Deep V Neckline Bra

According to therightbras, that’s the glory! I love this type of bra, because the breasts look beautiful and firm “at the neckline,” and it does not look like there’s any bra there. Mine is black and is from Hope (I do not find it on the brand site anymore!), But some other brands like Darling and Liz.

Bra “Functional”

A bra that can be worn with several types of neckline is all good! This type of bra has different fittings for the strap and works well with various types of clothing. Choose one that fits perfectly to your breasts, and always opt for a neutral color, the kind that you can use with everything without being “noticed”.

Bra “Swimmer”

It has to have, right? It’s pretty basic, but since I wear a lot of T-shirts with that kind of neckline, I do not live without it! I like the stronger ones in the back, but I’m playing with fabrics and colors.

Bra ” Shown “

Do you know a made-up bra? That’s what I call “sampled bra”! It’s just that some clothes are more loose and loose, and, for me, they were made to have this type of bra as a complement. And since it is to be ” sampled “, that is incredible! I love the lace tops, bigger ones, and I do not invest much, because in the fast fashion stores we think a lot and at very good prices.

Where To Buy Bras?

For cheap options, in Marisa there are several! Be careful with the numbering, because I never hit the bras there. AtRenner has several brands, including Darling, Hope and Liz (I love it!), And in Dafiti as well. Oh, and not to mention theLoungerie, which has Wonderful Pieces, Right?