40plus Age-Appropriate Dress: Today Belly-Free

I have already realized that the spring so has its faults … and I would now like not to go back to the unplastered windows or the little manageable vegetation of our garden.

 After all, this is a lifestyle blog… it is about the beautiful things of life. Also, I’ve seen that from you anyway, no one to clean my windows to clean or sowing lawns and cutting back shrubs helps… .hehe O:-)

Great Expectations

…for this you have good tips at hand. That is also already very much worth. The windows not to clean the rape blossom for example-since I have in fact not even thought of it. Thanks Sabine and another comment made me more thoughtful. Uta writes, we would only do certain things because other people expect them from us.So honestly, I was never good at all and I believe that this non-talent was already put into the cradle, because even at my birth I was not the expected boy… Since then, the unfulfilled expectation, like a red thread through the life of mine fellow man. My husband even says if you expect something from me, then you get exactly the opposite served. Since I contradict indeed quite loudly… however, then that is then again, as with my birth… maybe so is something but something. I contradict nevertheless-so!

40plus And Belly-Free

But it does not go well with clothing and fashion. So not my contradiction, but expectations. Finally, there is always something expected or expected. Especially when it comes to being dressed for age. The skirt must not be too short, the colors not too colorful, the cleavage not so far cut out and under no circumstances can one 40plus belly-free through the world history run… yes yes… that one can not any more. After all, you have to be dressed for age. Now as already noted, I am, what expectations concerns not really so good and show you therefore an outfit with highwaist jeans and a short top. This is 
the first time I’ve ever written a book, but I’m not sure if it’s true To make one ‘s eyes swell. But this is with the expectations, that does not even fold with my lyrics… tztztzt… I wish you ne grandiose week dear all…

Jeans+Top : Zara-High Waist Jeans are really back in trend and can be worn very well without a belly-tight top and I found the perfect jeans with high waist  (Affiliatelink). There is also just 15% discount. 
Shoes: Kennel & Schmenger-similar ankle boots from Kennel & Schmenger (Affiliatelink) are now also available with fringes-but are already as good as sold out. 
Jacket: Mrs & Hugs-a beautiful gray leatherjacket from Gipsy (Affiliatelink) in sale and a gray leathery area in the bikerstil of SCHYIA  (Affiliatelink) 
Belt: Vanzetti-from Reptiles House there is also a great metallic look (Affiliatelink). 
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff-I do not want to say that Coccinelle (Affiliatelink) copied two characteristics of Chloe bags, I know too little in the pocketland. Hmmm…. I like the little handbag by Michael Kors  (Affiliatelink)…